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  4. Level3


    Banned for multilogging btw!
  5. Bag


    I can remake this with all my alts if you'd like.
  6. I've got no motivation to finish this anytime soon, so good luck and play how you want.
  7. This is what I prefer to listen to while playing
  8. Hello everyone, Here are the patch notes for today's update Theatre of Blood Changes Pestilent Bloat When walking, Bloat will now do 4-6 turns before going down When running, Bloat will now do 4-8 turns before going down Nylocas Fixed bug where spawns would get stuck on the web path Defence bonus on spawns lowered to 0 Added tag mechanic to spawns. If a big spawn is hit before reaching the room, they will not spawn the smaller spiders on death Xarpus Exhume limit now is equal to either (party size - 1) or 1 (whichever is greater) Exhumes now last 16 ticks Exhumes spawn every 4 ticks Speed at which exhume spits out their healing projectile now scales based on party size Size 5: 2 projectiles per tick Size 4: 1 projectile per tick Size 3: 1 projectile per 2 ticks Size 2: 1 projectile per 3 ticks Size 1: 1 projectile per 4 ticks Amount each exhume projectile heals now scales based on party size Size 5: 6 hp Size 4: 9 hp Size 3: 12 hp Size 2: 16 hp Size 1: 20 hp Speed at which Xarpus spits out poison at players increased (is now faster) Verzik Vitur Amount of common nylocas spawns now scales based on party size (n=party size) Fixed tile where Verzik stands during Phase 3 web shooting attack Improved path/touch check for exploding Nylocas spawns LVP system Party members who die within the raid now have a lower chance of getting the purple chest, if one were received at the end of said raid. Each death will decrease your roll weight by 15% Other Fixed transition text not appearing when entering rooms within the Theatre of Blood Party board now shows the proper Completion/kill count for Theatre of Blood runs Yin-yang death within the Theatre of Blood will now decrease the group's stats Run completion requirements for Sinhaza capes lowered to 100, 200, 300, 400, and 500 respectively. LVP system from Theatre of Blood implemented onto Sands of Avarice Added missing attack sounds for Crystal/Corrupted halberd (normal attacks and special attacks) Twisted bow Godswords (non-smash attack styles and special attacks) Longswords (lunge attack style) Arclight (special attack) Added attack animation for halberd and hasta weapons when player is wielding an off-hand item Improved pathing for Grotesque Guardian attack Attempt to fix Nightmare instance join bug (not able to join someone's instance) Added Corrupt pickaxe as a valid replacement for Dragon pickaxe for Clue scrolls Fixed Skill selection interface disabling skills when you had slayer tasks Added Agility shortcut near Crafting guild to get to the nearby peninsula Fixed issue that marked Harmonised nightmare staff (i) and Brimstone ring (i) as tradeable Reverted Toxic blowpipe attack range increase, except while inside the Chambers of Xeric
  9. Earlier
  10. It works the same way as Magma/Tanz helms, when you restore them, you lose the mutagen. This should not be changed.
  11. gnome scarf addition would be nice.
  12. this would be great for those who want to do pet hunting, I approve!
  13. Bag

    Magma Blowpipe

    Just buy another blowpipe to have the normal color if that's what you want. There isn't a tanzanite blowpipe so there's only 2 colors.
  14. Congratulations on server support @Guthan!
  15. Best of luck to those participating!
  16. Congrats @Level3 on the promotion!
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