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  6. That's okay. I mean, this isn't a competition. and we all have to start from somewhere, right? What matters most is that you are having fun while enjoying the game. Don't be pressured, just make the most of your time!
  7. I remember the struggles here! This was really challenging but it was so so rewarding and worth it at the end. Better if you don't use any cheats too. That'll make the experience more worthwhile, I promise. Just try it.
  8. Pretty much and mostly that may have been luck lool
  9. The Netherlnds have been a huge contender and pretty much the rest of europe, who have always been one of the top contenders.
  10. You really don't need to look just buy any computer with a decent amount of space any of the modern ones will do to be honest, asus or lenovo will do
  11. Thanks for asking because it has been a hard year and a half for most people. Luckily, I haven’t experienced the problem that we have but I hope that there are people who are doing well.
  12. KirstenGG


    Dopeass ride you got there.
  13. I see we have both evolved from cheesecapers
  14. great progress from starting out to now, im still laughing at the screenshot with the chainskirt. cheeeeesecapers
  15. Some of my drops that I've gotten over the past few months 1st Dragon Warhammer Didn't get the screenshot but 2nd Dragon Warhammer @ 1498 KC 3rd Dragon Warhammer
  16. It's been some day but you dont need bags of salt.
  17. I'm playing as a group ironman and got assigned rock slugs as a task, but non of the slayer masters sell bags of salt to finish them off. can anyone help? please feel free to message me ingame if you have any advice. ign: YIMMOTHY
  18. Level3


    Banned for multilogging btw!
  19. Bag


    I can remake this with all my alts if you'd like.
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