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  5. Titties on my mind.

  6. Just wanted to thank the staff of OldSchool for everything they have done for this server, even where it's at now. This server will always be the greatest in my mind. Here's to the future of OldSchool RSPS! Can't wait to hear what updates are planned for the future. (if you have anything negative to say don't bother, I've seen the discord and this is why I made this post to show the staff that some people still care)
  7. uhhhhh speaks for itself. Whats going on with this server right now and what is the future for it. Really would like to know as this is by far the most fun i've ever had on any rsps and its shit knowing its pretty much come to an end.
  8. naw naw its getting to a bad level
  9. Advertisement would be nice but the little community we have left is good enough for now
  10. This would be a neat addition! +1
  11. Okay time to seriously play this game. Bought a Tbow succeeded. Bought a Scythe Another Success. I have all i need to finishing maxing. And Then the goal is comp cape. Lets go Kingsley Gainzzzz!!!! I can Totally do this!!






  12. Would be nice to see a pretty easy custom to make, this would be the Rune pouch (i) scroll. Would allow you imbue your rune pouch, letting you hold an extra rune in your rune pouch, and double the rune amount you can hold. The scroll could cost 300-500k blood money.
  13. hi more adving pls tom start now gogogogogo we want 200 players again gogogogogo i love this server as everyone else does just lacking that player base again xoxooxox thanks tom
  14. awesome. hope we will gain more people from new updates
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