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  3. Hi, This is the wrong section. Please make an appeal here: https://forum.oldschoolrsps.com/index.php?/forum/72-submit-an-appeal/
  4. That’s so sick it’s down to the exact amount
  5. my account is disabled for unknown reason. IGN is kaleb thanks........ -.-
  6. Yesterday
  7. is serv down?? won't load my client

    1. Gizmo


      Sent you a message.

  8. just trying to show any new ppl they don't need some half ass protection to get bm
  9. Cool video, enjoying the progress updates. I hear you on that the next video will be longer Master clues do require crazy items, but maybe you will be able to complete one someday
  10. nice fang at 22kc haha nice video keep it up
  11. Last week
  12. This staff link does not work.
  13. aye im pumped, i love cursed pvm clan! My boy @Shady invited me in
  14. weird i got over 700k bm n then some in 2 days with no protection hmmmm
  15. No not my buddy @Ralts. Gonna miss you bby
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