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    As we gear up for the start of the Bloodthirst competition, it would only be right to open up applications for the 'Wilderness Initiative' rank. As previously mentioned, the rank will come with a few duties, mainly to do with wilderness related ideas and providing assistance with staff in the wilderness. In order to be eligible to apply for this rank, please look at the following: - A game time of more than 24 hours - A player who likes to PK and actively looks for improvement and changes - Enthuisiasm to make change and be readily available for the bloodthirst tournament in a few weeks/month In order to apply, please follow this application thread, and apply by replying below: In-game name: Why are you interested in the rank: What do you think you could offer:
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    love the server! Feel free to check out my progress series and drop a sub if you enjoy the video and want to see more
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