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    Hello everyone, Short list of bug fixes for tonight's patch Fixed Achievements "Equip item" achievements String magic shortbow String dragonstone amulet Craft crystal tool Solo the Nightmare Solo CoX within 25 minutes Added item variants for "Equip item" achievements Ava's assembler >> Assembler max cape Imbued god capes >> Imbued god max capes Fire cape >> Fire max cape Hire a servant achievement will auto-complete on login if you had a servant before the achievement was released Gravekeeper's sceptre non built-in spell (i.e attacking with ancient spells) attacks now have an attack delay of 5 ticks instead of 4 Gravekeeper sceptre is now categorized as a Trident weapon (has same attack styles as other tridents) Sand of Avarice unique drop rate buffed: 1/14 >> 1/12 Khufu's base hp has been decreased by 30% Khufu's magic max hit decreased: 50 >> 40 Khufu's protection prayer penetration decreased: 40% >> 30% Using Old coin on the WOGW will allow you to halve the 4-hour cooldown (2-hour cooldown) Added a 7.5k point cap when burning kindling in Ice demon room Ironman can now trade Mac
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    Hi, You have to work your way up from Cadet > Recruit > Corporal > Sergeant, however, your application has been accepted and you have been promoted to Recruit. Congratulations!
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    You sure you have it set up on the homepage and not the forums? It's 2 different things
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