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    Just thought I'd upload a quick Solo Zammy guide for anyone needing some help with the boss as its one of the more annoying GWD bosses to solo. I quickly run thru my gear and inv setup and explain the mechanics and demonstrate 2 walk through kills. Skip to 4:00 for the start of the actual rotation if you don't need to go over gear/inv/mechanics. Hope you guys find this guide helpful
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    First off, I love this and I want Pet thresholds to be added, thank you @Izay for bringing it up here. In your example you mention Giant mole with a drop rate of 1/3000 and a threshold of 1000. Although in RS3 the thresholds equal base drop rate/5 (or *3 for Dagannoth kings as all three share the same killcount) which means once you reach 600 kc for Giant mole your drop rate will be 2/3000 or 1/1500. I kinda like to compare the games and generally, monsters or bosses take longer to kill on OSRS than they do on RS3, plus the base drop rates of any pets on OSRS are already higher than they are on RS3 (e.g. DKs 5000 vs 2500, Corp 5000 vs 2500, KQ 3000 vs 2500 and the list goes on, these all as well take considerably longer to kill on OSRS than RS3). Keeping the above in mind I would go with the exact same calculations of pet base drop rate/5 = 1 threshold. Of course on average this will end up with pets being received earlier than before, but by not altering the base drop rate before the first threshold only the people that actually grind for pets will benefit from this and I think this is a good thing. You will not end up with 6000 Daggannoth Rex killcount and stand there emptyhanded as this kc in fact means nothing. Up to this day only 6 people would have reached the first threshold for the Alchemical Hydra pet, and even then you need to consider that the drop rate increases but at no point in time is the pet guaranteed to drop. Again, I love this suggestion and I hope it will be added this way, as it acts as a long term motivation and in fact does not devalue pets at all, as most pets we see now are likely obtained at a very low killcount anyway which would not have made a difference using this system.
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    Hey everyone, lately we received questions about why the bonus droprate you get from your donator status and your XP-Rate does not affect pet drops. After a suggestion in the #suggestion section of our Discord server we discussed this topic in a staff meeting and decided to put this one up for you, the community to discuss. What is "Pet Threshold" ? The pet threshold is a Runescape mechanic added to RS3 with the boss pet update in january 2015. What it does it increase your chance for a pet the more kills of a certain boss you have. ... That is the easy way of explaining it, the more detailed option is as followed: Note: This is an example. None of these numbers are set in stone and will be changed based of feedback. (If the suggestion is accepted by you guys) We take Giant Mole as an example, it's pet threshold is 1000 and the baby mole has a dropchance of 1/3000 If a player killed the Giant Mole 1000 times without receiving the pet their threshold is 1. What that means is from that point on the pet droprate for you is lowered on this boss. In RS3's case they add 1 to the droprate, meaning that from 1000 kc and beyond your chance for a baby mole is 2/3000 or 1/1500. If you reach 2000 kills without the pet it will be 3/3000 or 1/1000 and so on. This threshold is different for every boss on RS3, for example Corp threshold is 500, while the DKS one is 1500, as they are much faster to kill. We thought this would be a nice addition, as pets are still the "rarest" pvm content to be achieved and this system still requires you to kill the boss a good amount of time but rewards those who aren't getting lucky early on with a drop but consistenly try to get the pet. What are your thoughts? Do you want us to add this system to the server? What would the thresholds be for the bosses? That is something we want you to answer! Thanks for reading and have fun discussing.
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    I agree and would like to see this implemented in game.
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    Hello OldSchool RSPS'ers, Sorry for the fact that we missed a few episodes but we're back with the next Stats with Flux! We're growing! There has been a total of 17,017 registrations since the launch of OldSchool RSPS. Compared to 2 months ago's registration that's an increase of 34,82%! Hope we can keep up that trend! Log in, log out There has been a total recorded amount of 343,528 log in sessions since the launch of OldSchool RSPS. That's a 41.46% increase compared to last stats with flux. It may be time for an intervention... The combined play time of the ten players with the most play time is 9,932 hours. That's over 413 days of combined play time! Weirdly enough the top ten players only make 2.71% of the total play time. The Total amount of play time for all players combined is 366,756 hours. Which is a total of 15,281 days which is a total of over 41 YEARS! That's a 58% increase to the last Stats with Flux! Bonds well spent! The 5 most bought items from the store are: Dragon bones: 1884 Pet Rate Scroll: 1032 Dragon Dart: 682 Ring of coins: 620 Abyssal Whip: 554 My Precious GPs! The top ten players with the most amount of cash have a total sum of 14,984,068,498 which is only 14,42% worth of the economy in gold coins. While the top five players own 8,031,238,333 which is 53,95% worth of the top ten players' wealth. While the player with the most gold coins owns 1,754,292,233 which is only 11,71% worth of the top ten players' wealth! FYI, the current richest player holds 9,350,558 Platinum tokens which is nearly 20% of the amount of the top 10 players. Which is roughly 10% of the worth of the economy in Platinum Tokens. Current Economy Stats All hail Saradomin! Armadyl: 622 Saradomin: 209 Bandos: 498 Zamorak: 155 We also have 1334 Toxic Blowpipes in game, where only 399 of them are empty. @Tom Delonge still holds most which is a bit over 8% of the total amount in the economy. Elysian Spirit Shield: 7 Spectral Spirit Shield: 11 Arcane Spirit Shield: 7 There are 1063 Infernal Capes in game. The one which holds the most Infernal's is currently sitting on 126 is @Tom Delonge. @gimp is catching up a bit though. 320 of the capes are in Fire Max cape already! The total amount of Abyssal whips is 3541. Sadly @frenchy got over taken by the myth, the legend, the man himself, it's no one other than @Tom Delonge. These Snakeling's caught us by surprise since there are now only 80 of em! 40 Tanzanite one, 22 Magma one and only 18 regular. Anybody really in need of hiding their face? What better way than to use a Halloween mask!? Red: 9 Blue: 7 Green: 5 Black: 8 Set's: 3 @stoop Pretty much holds more than half of these I guess you could call him the mask collector. However he is tied for the Green one! Let's get the party started with the Party Hats! On a side note: we've lost a Party hat set. Red: 5 Yellow: 7 Blue: 15 Purple: 5 Green: 5 White: 9 Black: 2 Rainbow: 2 Partyhat Set's: 0 Partyhat & specs: 3 HoHoHo, Merry it's not Christmas :wat:? Time for the Santa hats! Santa Hat: 98 Inverted Santa Hat: 6 Black Santa Hat: 2 I saw that the items from the Theatre of Blood finally made their way into the economy, so let's summarize them! Justiciar faceguard: 128 Justiciar chestguard: 99 Justiciar legguards: 78 Ghrazi Rapier: 177 Avernic defender: 141 Sanguinesti Staff: 155 Scythe of Vitur: 110 The Chamber of Xerics items are here for you guys: Twisted Bow: 186 Elder Maul: 64 Kodai Wand: 121 Dexterous/Arcane Prayer Scrolls: 360 Seeing as The Nightmare continues here why not list the items here: Eldritch Orb: 94 / Harmonised Orb: 63 / Volatile Orb: 96 Nightmare Staff: 239 / Eldritch: 73 / Harmonised: 84 / Volatile: 111 Little Nightmare: 9 Jar of Dreams: 11 Inquisitor's Mace: 245 Inquisitor's Great Helm: 309 Inquisitor's Hauberk: 300 Inquisitor's Plateskirt: 293 Did someone say Shields? Here it goes! Dragonfire Shield: 73 Dragonfire Ward: 22 Nobody walks barefooted anymore, so let's talk about shoes: Ranger Boots: 114 Primordial Boots: 600 Pegasian Boots: 262 Quickest Raids times as of now? Chamber of Xerics: 11:36 - by @spaic Theatre of Blood: 13:24 - by @hc gutta's party of 5. Second month in a row! Sands of Avarice: 05:02 - by @redworks All right, that's it for now. Do expect more of these in the future and do let us know what you think of these posts and which items we should change or replace! Disclaimer These stats are based our Item distribution system, it logs the items per account every 6 hours or on log out. This means that some items might come up more than once if the item is traded back and forth. It counts the amount of items in the game and the accounts holding it. Best regards, Flux
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    I think this would be a great addition to the game. This update would reward persistence!
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    i think its a good idea because you still have to put the time in. you should be slightly rewarded for doing that amount of kills
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    great suggestion, i think people don't realize that the numbers are very flexible, the required KC per threshold, the starting KC for the first threshold, how much impact each threshold has, that aside the system is a great motivator for people who are persistent, it will add consistency to the average rates people get them, and should hopefully reduce the amount of people who go several times over. And as others have said that there's a good chance most players wont ever have a boss KC that even qualifies for even the first threshold, and people who say they want pets to stay very rare don't understand that pets would still be almost exactly the same rarity, most players would never even reach the first threshold and those who do have a better chance at the pet, aslong as they continue to kill the same boss. It's overall a very exciting, motivating, unique to private servers and consistent suggestion, 100% agree, i recommend that this idea be accepted and then further polling on 3 conditions, 1. What is the first KC threshold of each boss and should this threshold be balanced to match each bosses kill times or other varaibles, 2. What are the increments of threshold should the starting threshold be say 3000 KC then additional thresholds are obtained every 1000 KC, 3. How much impact does each threshold add, does this scale linearly, would it work muplicatively, would a 1-3000 become 1-2700 at the first threshold then that 1-2700 become 1-2430 at threshold 2 or would it be 1-2400 inline with the original kc 10% reduction etc, the numbers are VERY flexible and allow for complete balancing, conceptually amazing full support. edit: making pet hunting more motivating will keep long term players around longer after they've already done big goals like completing raids and comp cape etc, or people who don't want to skill max as 1x etc but would rather hunt boss pets instead, server longetivity can benefit from an update like this, consider it.
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    Are you not considering 1000 kc on a boss a grind? This point doesn't make any sense.
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    I agree 100% has a pet hunter myself (osrs) I know how be aids to kill hundreds of the same boss and never get it... Great idea!!!!
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    https://oldschoolrsps.com/pvm-hiscore for anyone thinking this actually changes that much server has been out nearly 5 months and only a few bosses have someone at 1k+ kc which would be the general threshold to gain increased pet chance it wont change the amount of pets in really any noticeable way but its so nice for people who want to spend hundreds of hours farming for all pvm pets
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    yeah i agree with dot i would love to se this in-game sounds very good
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    I believe this will be a perfect addition to players who like to hunt pets. Maybe I’ll see a pet in my name finally. Just in the end if it’s implemented, maybe add a threshold for all bosses somewhere so people know when they hit the threshold. IE (KQ, Cerb, Zulrah, GWD and all)
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    fucking spent all day on making these templates and they aren't the right size
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    Revenants Revenants offer a steady & reliable way of getting supplies & equipment. Ancient statuettes can be traded in for bloodmoney and boost the start of your account! We will lock down the revenant cave and ensure you can grind uninterrupted in the best spots! Low level revenants [imp/goblin/pyrefiend] / 12m/hour / 30m/hour High level revenants / 17m/hour / 30m/hour Looking for prices for specific drops or high amount of kc? pm me! Glod Glod offers a quick way of getting bulk skilling supplies & skip boring pvm grinds. Average kill is about 10m worth of loot! We will ensure you get the loot at glod and make it out of there! / 15m/kill / 25m/kill Looking for prices for specific drops or high amount of kc? pm me! Mage Arena 2 Rewards best in slot magic cape. We will protect you when you kill the demons! / 10m / 30m Bosses & Skills Looking for protection during a specific grind? pm me! Statistics Deaths: 0 Satisfied customers: 6 / 4 1 1 Drops: 2 1 0 6 7 2 23 16 14 Terms of service * You are responsible for bringing supplies to survive a potential attack. * The payment can be made from any account, but you need to specify which account you are buying the service for. * We are not responsible for you getting smited, make sure you keep your prayer up!
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    nice looking forward to se the progress great work
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    A lot of people sell stuff to Sigmund, which means that these relatively low cost items aren't being sold on the G.E. and mostly aren't be recircuated into the economy. Sometimes when trying to buy an item, no one is selling it on the G.E., so you have to look for a while in order to find who is selling it. Especially if you want pages to a god book or a specific item for a clue scroll, it can take a while. My solution to this is to connect sigmund to the G.E. Have sigmund buy everything like normal. But instead of selling the stuff for the new price in his own shop for a brief time before it disappears, have him put that item into the G.E. permanently until someone buys it. This way the person selling it gets the immediate cash, and someone later on looking for that item doesn't have to lookf or a long time.
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    Id say only add the +1 threshold just to cut it in half maybe but also I don’t pvm so support either way
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    I think just make 100% drop rate for pet on 1 kill cause I don't wanna grind (obv a joke sounds like it is good idea, but if u wanna make it a 100% dr works with me too)
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    had a 03 cobra and 04 mach 1 at the same time from 18-22 years old, sold em 3 years ago. loved both took the cobra to the track, it was pullied, exhaust and tune 11.76 @ 115 i think in the 1/4.
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    I like this idea. Doesn't take away from rarity imo as there isn't many people with the threshold level boss kc's anyways. Just depends on what those thresholds would be at depending on if you're making them lower due to few people having high kc's or if you're making this change for the grinders.
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    i've put a lot of time into coming up with ideas for wildy even sent to tom and was sent to staff but not sure how they even felt about it. Here it is pretty much copied word for word lol... I played on a server back in like 2012-2013 that rewarded players skilling in the following ways. 1. The longer you are in wildy with X amount of coins, you slowly gained more and more bonus experience. We can make this how ever much we want for this particular server. -Let's say we make it 5 million coins. -every 10 mins you are in the wildy doing a certain activity with 5m coins in your inventory you gain 1-5%???? bonus experience with. Logging out, teleporting out, running out all resets your cooldown timer. 2. Add more skilling options in wilderness. Sure this is a little custom, but adding a hero in wildy, amethyst in wildy, more fishing/wc spots in wilderness area wont kill ya. 3. Add more monsters in wildy, higher level slayer monsters that arent bosses. This can go off point 1- risking 5m coins in your inventory will increase drop rate the longer you are in the wilderness. 5 minutes with 5 million risking coins in your inventory is 1-5???? % bonus in drop rate for rares. Whether its abyssal demons, corp, etc. After 10 minutes, 1-5%, 1 hr - 30% bonus drop rate. I think this will increase player activity in the wildy, and really add players pking those players who are risking a bit to speed up skills/getting more drops an hour. Making for a good balance of risk vs reward for both parties.
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    It's better than making the base rate lower so yea sounds like a good idea
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    The way you understood it is correct by the way
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    My boss killcount is low because I just started playing coming from staff from another server. The point of pets is to be a grind and hard to get. What's the point of lowering the drop rate to make it easier to get? Regardless of how many people get 1k kc I don't think it should get easier.
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    I was curious so I checked your boss KC's on the high scores and it's pretty clear you don't boss much. This isn't supposed to only call you out, but I'm assuming the people who are showing opposition are in a similar situation. My guess is that they got really lucky with a low kc boss pet drop, and want to reserve that uniqueness to themselves. Putting a pet threshold at 1000 kc doesn't take away from rarity and I don't think half the people who read the thread understood what was meant by this. The way I understand it, only after you reach 1000 kc do you have a better chance at getting the pet. Check the high scores, very few 1000 kc bosses....
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    I feel like this would ruin the feeling of getting/having a rare boss pet. Not a big fan of the idea.
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    It's been a while since I've been here, but I used to play Indova avidly in 2018-19 and I did quite a bit of graphics back then. Here are some of my pieces I have worked on throughout the years, enjoy!
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    Hi, I've been saving up my skilling points for a while now, and I figured sharing my loot would be a fun thing to do. I ended up buying 286 crates for a total of 100,100 skilling points (they cost 350 skilling points each). I'll post a spoiler with all of the loot in text form. Also, for my first 2 inventories, I forgot to check which seed was which. First inventory I got a stack of 16 seeds, and the second inventory had 1 seed, but I'm not sure if they were ranarr/snapdragon, so those 17 seeds were not included in the total (scuffed I know smh). Thanks for checking out my post : ) Loot in Text Form
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    welcome bro just hmu if you wanna doing raids or something
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    Finna pull up with the heater. Mans shook, hair like Tracy Beaker. Brrrrrr Brrrrrrr On the note of the event quest, I got one written up. We could add something extra, will look into it but no promises on that.
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    I just don't like the idea of making them less rare... but then again i'm only one person, the rest of the community seems to like the idea
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    I don't like this. Pets should remain rare
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    I like and support this. good suggestion, but i think it should be worked in a way that reflects xp rate and/or donator status. The threshold shouldn't be available the same way to everyone
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    I don't think making pets more available is a great idea tbf, it's just gonna make pets much less prestigious.
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    Credit to @Dax for the slick graphics. Text version
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