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    Hi all, Oldschool's first NH Tournament is happening THIS Saturday (1/23) at 3pm EST. This is a player run tournament. RULES: - You can participate at any combat level, however please know that most players will be max combat and it could be a disadvantage if you're not. - NH gear being used is shown below, only this gear must be used. If you want to use different bolts, you can, but they must be from the store @ home. This ensures that every player has a fair chance of participating in the event. (No rings, no rune pouch, and only Ice Barrage Runes). - Infernal Cape, Ava's Assembler, and Mage Arena 2 capes ARE NOT allowed, only the variants sold at home. - Food/Brews/Restores must match the picture example. - 1 Account per person entered, no alt accounts allowed. - Please be respectful to all players, we welcome anyone even if you have never PK'ed before. It is all in good fun. TOURNAMENT LAYOUT: - Each player must comment their username below to be entered so we can randomly pair up players and create a bracket. - Each fight will be monitored and the winner will advance, if you lose once you're out. - The last two players left will be competing in a best of 3 fight to determine the winner. - The prizes consist of a $100 bond for 1st place, a $20 bond for 2nd place, and a $10 bond for 3rd place. QUESTIONS? Feel free to message the players who have organised this [email protected], @The Solo Way or @Fish.
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    Might as well. IGN: Narco
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    This has been a goal of mine for a while, I love the black gem look! Redeemed $500 in bonds tonight
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    Nice! Would love to get that special, not allowed under 18, reward :d
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    Staff luck works on here?
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    January skills February skills March skills April skills May skills June skills July skills August skills September skills October skills November skills December skills Note: The list will be updated as soon as possible whenever it is January 2022 and the new list is available.
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