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  1. Pie

    Elite Stash

    Stash is in the location it is normally in? Obviously would be nice to not need splitbark tho (just cause i dont wanna do wildy). Haven't tested the items but its probably the case if u cant deposit it might be need the (h1) heraldic helmet from heroes/paladins. Splitbark is from chaos fanatic as a 1/39 drop rate. Lastly, granite shield from gargs
  2. Yeah don't really see much use to anyone besides really like UIM, and if anything its probably only good for like really 2 bolts which would be ruby and diamond. I really don't see a point in adding. (as always, i am just one opinion whenever i disagree with something) Assuming it would be untradeable, (idk if its an equipable thing) it wouldn't even be able to go inside the looting bag also which would actually be a negative to UIMs
  3. 2 packages a week and you got a deal, if this can't be met, gotta sacrifice your package that you were eating so I can eat more.
  4. See no problem with this, just make sure the outfit is storeable in poh if possible, or storable someplace else besides a bank
  5. PM a staff on discord that is online if u havent already
  6. 1. I think shamans dont count in cox for task as well? its becuase they use different ID and SOA is already pretty easy to kill the beetles/fast 2. Already being worked on 3. It does have a special attack bar (just checked it) 4. Could be nice but meh, would sound like a glod w/ just more hp imo 5. Guantlet is going to be another source for the shards, crystal imps would be cool but not sure what u mean by "bigger variety" since im pretty sure it has basically all the imps besides like crystal? Just gotta catch some to get the others spawning.
  7. When I hit "download" under playnow it is only 28.6 MB download. Looking at my pc my .oldschool file is 818MB, my .oldschool-launcher is 46.9MB
  8. Basically how I started out there. Took me 298 kc to finish my full inq so gl
  9. The gamble host rank btw doesn't mean trustworthy though since it can just be bought off store/players. But on the topic of the poll, yes to both from be cause if your allowing sharing u should allow services just would be way more difficult to moderate if you allow sharing but try to prevent services.
  10. Option 2 would be better but would need to make sure to keep it fair across the board on considering which are faster and which are slower
  11. Pie

    Pet Threshold

    I think just make 100% drop rate for pet on 1 kill cause I don't wanna grind (obv a joke sounds like it is good idea, but if u wanna make it a 100% dr works with me too)

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