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  1. Anyone tell you, you're a fucking G. Looking forward to next update!
  2. As an EX fellow x1. I wish you the upmost sincerest good luck. I did the grind myself once then went to OSRS, told myself never x1 again. Kudos to you for giving it a shot!
  3. Rihanna made more money singing the word "Work" than I ever will in my entire life of working. 🤣😂

  4. I remember doing this! 41
  5. LOL Ooops xD Should of known . And I'm pretty sure he was. Guess its possible that I'm wrong xD
  6. I'm wondering if you even know who 25 Buttholes is, I was just quoting him. PS. His birthday was a couple months ago, should we call him 26 buttholes now?
  7. After much consideration. I stand for whatever the masses feel.
  8. Ya for real. I love the layout of this post. Very nice progress. Looking forward to next update!
  9. Another 2 items off the list so far! Avernic + Sanguinesti. EZ CLAP.
  10. Best Dev/Owner EVER. Someone I can respect 100%.
  11. Thanks Fepp! Thanks Tom! Thank you Groupies. ----- This time around I plan on finishing ToB's Log forsure. Was only a pet away on Indova.
  12. Welcome to my Raids Drop Log. Here is where I will record my Raid loots. Drops I own will be marked with a thumbs up and drops I don't own will be marked with a thumbs down . Lets get down to business!

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