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  1. when they were released as limited items in the shop, @Tomsaid he was going to make them tradeable eventually. (months ago) pls
  2. Username: BagDiscord username: W#2505Current rank (N/A if unranked): N/ARank you are applying for: Whichever I'm eligible for.State why you feel you deserve the rank-up: because I have no friends and want to join a family
  3. Send a message to Tom, or most likely, join the discord and make a support ticket.
  4. never seen this mans before nice
  5. Bag

    The Counting Game

    we messed up somewhere but 40
  6. I can't wait to get the rocky and recolor him. Thanks for the update
  7. Very nice luck you got there!
  8. Not a bad looking guide, I hope it benefits the ones who use it!
  9. Give UIM the option at Adam to either become a "regular ironman" or a "regular" account. It would give the ones who don't want to continue doing UIM a chance to play a regular ironman if they don't want to become a regular account.
  10. you spelled wouldn't* wrong but I completely agree, glad someone understands me
  11. why would you do that when you don't have a bank
  12. Best of luck on your log, can't wait to see the progress!

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