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  1. I see we have both evolved from cheesecapers
  2. Some of my drops that I've gotten over the past few months 1st Dragon Warhammer Didn't get the screenshot but 2nd Dragon Warhammer @ 1498 KC 3rd Dragon Warhammer
  3. haha


    I can remake this with all my alts if you'd like.
  4. I've got no motivation to finish this anytime soon, so good luck and play how you want.
  5. This is what I prefer to listen to while playing
  6. gnome scarf addition would be nice.
  7. this would be great for those who want to do pet hunting, I approve!
  8. haha

    Magma Blowpipe

    Just buy another blowpipe to have the normal color if that's what you want. There isn't a tanzanite blowpipe so there's only 2 colors.
  9. Congratulations on server support @Guthan!
  10. Congrats @Level3 on the promotion!
  11. Forgot the password and cba doing a ticket for it.

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