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  1. Thank you for the feed back. Wasn't sure if there was an exact idea for Raids 4. Just my take on it. Raids 3 released range armor into the game and Nightmare released crush armor. I was thinking there wasn't a specific stab armor set added in yet. This also releases a "sink" for all the zammy spears and hastas currently ingame.
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    Raids 4

    Here is my suggestions for Raids 4 (Abominated Dungeon/Abominated Vault) Please bare with me. I haven't posted on forums in a very long time. Most images are hyper linked so please be sure to check them. This is for a 2-3 player team activity. Taking roughly 25 minutes to complete. There will be new items suggested with this activity, if anyone feels that the stats need to be changed, please suggest something else. The point system will need to be suggested by someone much smarter then me. I would assume it should be very similar to ToB. The Map- Start off by climbing down the ladder in Miscellania, there is a small town down there. To the north is an entrance to the team room (#1 on the map), you set up your team there (The mining room). After the team set up there is the entrance to the Vault. Enter the vault and it begins. Walking down the Vault towards the first combat room (#2 on the map), there are ranging Dagannoths and maging Wallasalkis. These monster's are only there to drain prayer and waste supplies, no other importance. Once you get to the first combat room you will be met with three Giant Sea Snakes (Name can be changed) These monster's will be on the Red (ranger), Orange (Jad), and Purple (Mager) dots. For a little more added frustration, make them go "under water" and come up at random places, make them all look alike so players don't know which is which. The Ranger needs to be maged. The Mager needs to be ranged. The Jad needs to be killed using both. Death in this room puts the player outside of the combat room, they will not be able to re-enter until the room is cleared. Once all three are defeated the wall blocking (yellow line) the Vault path will be removed. Continuing down the path, more Dagannoths and Wallasalkis are there to deplete more prayer and supplies. Entering the next combat room (#3 on the map), you are greeted with three monsters. Death in this room puts the player outside of the combat room, they will not be able to re-enter until the room is cleared. Kraka, Stick, and Pee Hat are waiting for you. All three cousins are untouchable with range and magic. You will need to use their weaknesses against them. The monster's attack with melee. They can hit through prayer but it is severely negated with melee prayer activated. Once you kill one they others become enraged. The will attack more often and hit higher with no prayer activated. Starting off with Kraka He attacks with the crush style and is weak to stab. Next is Stick He attacks with the crush style and is weak to slash. Finally there is Pee Hat He also attacks with the crush style and is weak to crush. After defeating all three, the next phase starts. This second phase to this room is MORE TROLLS! Three more trolls will spawn into the room. They are stronger and harder to kill then the previous three. They are also untouchable with range and magic and they can only be damaged by their weaknesses. Unlike the previous three, these monsters have special attacks that they will use to defeated you. First is Arrg He attacks with the crush style and is weak to stab. He has a special attack similar to the Dragon Warhammer, lower's the players defenses. The attack is not very accurate but when it lands it can hit hard. This special also knocks rocks off the ceiling (Similar to Olm). Second is Dad He also attacks with the crush style but is weak to slash. He has a special attack that will stun any player that is on the square or next to the square where the attack lands. This can be dodged by moving two squares away. If a player is on the square that the hit lands on, there will be a lot of damage taken. This special also knocks rocks off the ceiling (Similar to Olm). Last is Kob He attacks with the slash style and is weak to crush. He does not have a special attack, but he attacks very quickly. As the previous fight, once one Troll is killed the others get enraged. To proceed onto the next part of the Vault, players must defeat all six Trolls and the wall will be removed (yellow line). Continuing down the path, more Dagannoths and Wallasalkis are there to deplete more prayer and supplies. Once players go through the entrance to the next combat room (#4 on the map), they will be met by Irwin Feaselbaum. Feaselbaum is a young Necromancer, he has been causing terror and needs to be stopped. This part of the raid there will be three phases. Each one being harder then the next. Death in this room puts the player outside of the combat room, they will not be able to re-enter until the room is cleared. First Phase- Players will attack Feaselbaum with range or magic. Feaselbaum will summon Zombies along with casting spells on players The summoned zombies will need to be killed before they reach players. If they get too close to players they will explode, causing damage to nearby players. (Like purple idiots from Lizardman Shamans). This phase when end when Feaselbaum reaches a certain health marker. Second Phase- Feaselbaum will use his powers to transform into his older, stronger self. The Necromancer. This phase will be much harder, players need to continue attack the Necromancer as he spawns two of his undead body guards, Slash Bash and Ulfric. Both body guards will need to be defeated before the Necromancer can be stopped. Any damage done to the Necromancer will not deplete his heath but will be added to the body guards health pools. After both are defeated, players will need to attack the Necromancer. Once his health reaches a certain health marker the third and final phase will start. Third Phase- This phase will start with Feaselbaum transforming into The Abomination. This is Feaselbaum's strongest form. He will use all combat styles. Players will need to use the opposite style of attack to do any damage to the Abomination. If this seems a little too easy, the summoned exploding zombies could make a come back. MONSTER - PLAYER Range attack - Melee attack Mage attack - Range attack Melee attack - Mage attack The cycle for this will need to be figured out by someone smarter then me. If it is every 3-6 attacks (randomly) it could be pretty tough to beat. After The Abomination is defeated, shovels will spawn. Players will be able to pick up the shovels and dig to get to the reward area. There could be a chest put in the middle. Rewards- Not sure what the "Non-unique" loot could be, probably similar to other raids, I think it would have to be tested to see how hard it is and how long it takes. Uniques- DISCLAIMER: I know a lot of these items would be "renamed" and probably wouldn't be the best fit. I am not sure as to how everyone else would feel about these items but I think they aren't terrible customs that a lot of other failure servers have had. If there are other items that you think would be better please suggest that. Abominated Fang (Item ID 24254 or Item ID 21612) Use on Barrows gloves to make Abominated Gloves Gives +5 range bonus to barrows gloves (keeps other barrows glove stats) 10% chance for bolts to do special 2% chance that half spec energy is used on spec (might be a little over powered) Best in slot range gloves Would look like barrows gloves but with spikes Abominated Eye (Item ID 12843) Use on Mage's Book to make Abomination Book (Item ID 13279) Adds a magic shield slot between mage's book and Arcane Could recolor the grey to gold like mage's book Gives +2 Mage bonus and +1 prayer Adds 10% chance to ignore NPC's defence Abominated Spine (Item ID 21313) Used on Zammy spear or hasta Puts a purple 'wrap' around spear or hasta Like Kraken Tent for whip Degrades after 10k hits Keep the spine, lose hasta or spear Gives +2 Stab +10 Slash + 10 Crush +3 str +2 prayer on top of other stats Perforator's Armour set Two possible looks Option one Option two Not sure how the developer's got Medjai's set. I think the person who made option one was the same person who made Medjai's. Option two doesn't look terrible but that color needs to change. Good stab armour Gives some range and mage defences (Bonus's are hard - change them if need be) Full set gives +5 strength and +5% to undead (All combat stats) Perforator's Kabuto (Helmet)- Perforator's Cuirass (Chest)- Perforator's Faulds (Legs)-

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