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  1. I'd like to bump this suggestion so it could get the attention of a staff member to get some feedback.
  2. Have you tried Herblore? Usually you can sell potions in the GE for a good profit. Try these ones: Prayer potions Super restores Saradomin Brews Stamina Potions
  3. In an attempt to boost the activity in the wilderness, I think there are a few changes that could be made. Buff the Glod rare drops. The supplies and blood money are nice, but I feel like the only time I ever see a Glod drop broadcasted it's a barrows piece. For a boss that only spawns every 2-hours and gives loot to 3 people, I think the rare drops should be better. Buff the malediction/odium ward. These shields aren't in any shops that I know of (donor, blood money etc.) so in order to get them it requires a grind of three of the wilderness bosses. Currently a mages book provides better magic bonus than the malediction and is so much easier to obtain (afk wildy mage's or blood money). I think buffing these would incentivize people to kill Scorpia, Crazy Arch, and fanatic more often. Bonus xp for skilling in wilderness skilling area. Not sure if this is something already in place, but I think it would be cool to have a noticeably higher xp rate while skilling in this area. Let me know what you guys think about these suggestions.
  4. Pap

    Pet Threshold

    Are you not considering 1000 kc on a boss a grind? This point doesn't make any sense.
  5. Pap

    Pet Threshold

    I was curious so I checked your boss KC's on the high scores and it's pretty clear you don't boss much. This isn't supposed to only call you out, but I'm assuming the people who are showing opposition are in a similar situation. My guess is that they got really lucky with a low kc boss pet drop, and want to reserve that uniqueness to themselves. Putting a pet threshold at 1000 kc doesn't take away from rarity and I don't think half the people who read the thread understood what was meant by this. The way I understand it, only after you reach 1000 kc do you have a better chance at getting the pet. Check the high scores, very few 1000 kc bosses....
  6. Pap

    Pet Threshold

    I think this would be a great addition to the game. This update would reward persistence!
  7. Not sure if it's been reported but this isn't working. Once you begin cutting, after the first one is cut the next one cuts two in one action and then the automatic process stops.
  8. Username: PapDiscord username: N/A - Will make a discord if it seems like a requirementCurrent rank (N/A if unranked): N/ARank you are applying for: RecruitState why you feel you deserve the rank-up: Figure I should start from the bottom and work my way up. I've been playing the server for a while now and have good game knowledge. Think I will be a good contribution to the clan. Looking for people to play with when I'm on.
  9. Pap

    Few Suggestions

    Hey All, Been playing the server for a couple days, having a lot of fun, but in this time I've discovered a few things I think should be added! Let me know if you agree. Add Rada's blessing (1,2,3,4) to the Achievement store - This is the diary reward for completing zeah diaries, and it would be the best in slot blessing. Make it so cutting sacred eels with a knife is an auto action like it is in oldschool. Currently the cutting action stops after cutting 1 eel. Fix fruit/spirit tree's or make it so you can trade in the seeds for a seed pack similar to oldschool that give tree seeds that work. Make it so clicking on the server event, it tells you the time remaining for the event that is going on.

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