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  1. Username: Easy Discord username: sudafed#4313 nickname is set to easy Current rank (N/A if unranked): N/A Rank you are applying for: Sergeant State why you feel you deserve the rank-up: while I'm submitting my Initial application with a rank request I feel like I bring a-lot to the table. I have been playing Oldschool non-stop for the last few weeks and genuinely go out of my way to help players. I bring 15 years of RS knowledge and dedication. As it stands on Oldschool I'm currently grinding on the 5X highscores and aspire to be rank 1. I think it's crucial to have dedicated players that are known in the community as higher ranked members of the clan to give new member's a reason to join our chat and aspire to get those ranks themselves rather than joining help chat. which is always going to be the problem with a rsps clan. Thank you for taking the time to read and I look forward to joining.
  2. easy


    I would love to see constant content on youtube. pvm guides, zero to hero, etc. thank you for the recap.

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