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  1. Team name: Sloppy Seconds Leader: @Looting Bag Members: @gimp @tato @Bot
  2. All information is located on the clan discord. Joining: Everyone is welcome to join the discord, however, joining "TSF" cc requires an in-game recruit rank. To receive an in-game rank: Join discord and enter the following channel: React to the Smiley Face to receive a recruit rank on discord. Reply in the channel with the required information. If your request is taking awhile, feel free to send a message to Bot, Dot, Gimp, Tato, HC Gutta or Myself (Looting Bag) in-game or on Discord. Rules: All Oldschool-RSPS rules apply. Do not cause/instigate issues within clan chat. Banter is allowed, with restrictions to Race, Ethnicity, Religion, and Sexual Orientation Bsing CC members is not tolerated and will result in a blacklist from clan chat Have fun! It's a game, enjoy yourself. Breaking these rules could result to a kick/ban from the clan. Just be respectful and you should be alright.
  3. @Perithe crystal tool and various jewelry crafting ones were only there because Tom told us he could have the req be separate for irons, in that it could be “equip” instead of craft. @Meliodasthe rng sections are things we felt went with a normal account progression, and aren’t things people should go crazy dry on. For the helm you could go for a 1/50 head at vork for example. Also the Comp cape is slated to have 100 of each raid as a req, and I don’t believe anyone has gone that dry of a purple on here to date. Maybe 1 person came close at tob iirc.
  4. Reflecting on the clues, perhaps changing it to the following: 10 Masters 25 Elite 50 Hard 100 Medium Have heard some feedback that easy clues don't really add any value, and are probably not necessary (don't roll rangers). For the remaining clue amounts, the amounts were lowered because the other values seemed to high.
  5. I know there were 3 versions of the comp cape designed - Red, Black and White. Why can't we have the colors correspond to the xp rate. 50x max to unlock red, 15x for black and 5x for white.
  6. @Peri @thorpy @Google @Tom Delonge @Virtual Foe This is the visual I put together when coming up with the reqs. I was informed that there are 3 different comp cape models that were made, so having the cape color be xp rate based might be a good middle ground for both sides. Red cape for maxing x50 or below, Black cape for x15 and below, and White cape for maxing x5 and below. Regarding the raids kc being 100, and the KCs being 250 in a lot of scenarios, it isn't supposed to be something quick to achieve or be open to everyone off the bat. There does need to be an element of grinding involved, as with anything end game on rs. Regarding a re-worked achievement diary, I figure I'd attach the rough idea of what I put together with a few people. There is also the option to have any skilling related requirements on the achievement diary reset if you move to a lower xp rate.
  7. Team Name: Click Clack Leader: @Looting Bag Members: @gimp& @Ayanami
  8. A few small suggestions: POH Storage - Max Capes: Overview: Currently the cape rack has the ability to hold a regular max cape and an inferno cape, but not the combined variation. It is currently "Storable" for UIM by dying in an instance (perdu), or using the raid chest in COX. The costume room currently cointains functionality to hold individual pieces of sets in the POH, rather than needing full sets. Combining these two concepts is the basis for the following idea- My suggestion would be to allow the Max cape slot in the cape rack to be made to hold all max cape variations, effectively making it similar to a gear set slot in the POH. You would be able to add 1 max cape whenever, and upon clicking the cape rack slot would get everything stored there back. COX changes - Thieving room: Overview: Currently thieving is an objectively slow room due to the nature of gathering grubs, providing 1 every so often, and requiring a decent number to complete the room when soloing. The room also caps grub points prior to completing the required amount. My suggestion would be to change the room to more closely resemble the ice demon trees, remove the point cap, as well as always provide at least 1 grub. I'm thinking something like below: 1-79: 1 grub per chest 100% of the time 80-89: 2 grubs per chest 100% of the time 90-99: 3 grubs per chest 100% of the time Thieving / Max Cape equipped: 4 grubs per chest 100% of the time Cox changes - Crab room: Overview: Currently the crab room is quick but provides almost no points. I'm suggesting that the points be buffed from around 500 to 3,000 team points upon completion. This is because I'm equating each crab to roughly 125 Hp worth of time (125 hp x 6 pts per dmg x 4 crabs). Zalcano Changes: Overview: Currently almost no one does Zalcano, and those who do face the issue of receiving no loot pretty often. 2 small changes would I think fix the popularity, at least to the level that people will solo it more often. 1. Please change the zalcano mining period (when you actually deal damage with your pickaxe) to be HP based instead of on a timer. I know there is an HP check already to prevent 1-2 cycling Zalcano with enough people, so just remove the timer portion allowing teams to always 3 cycle Zalcano no matter the size (1/3 hp per cycle per Rmtank). This would make solos viable instead of needing 4+ cycles and hoping for good pickaxe rng. 2. Change the way loot is distributed at Zalcano. For some reason you receive nothing as a drop almost every other kill, and despite dealing 100% of damage you can receive the very bottom of the range for a drop (ex. coal range is 380-808. at 100% damage dealt you can hit 380 coal, completely nullifying the point of a % damage based drop table like Zalcano). Instead I would suggest that the drops be based on the % of damage done during the mining period, so if you deal 100% damage you recive 808 coal, but if you only did 30% of the damage you would receive 242 coal (30% of the max 808 possible).

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