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  1. nice fang at 22kc haha nice video keep it up
  2. i like option number two
  3. nice looking forward to se the progress great work
  4. latuz7


    yea it is so nice to drive
  5. you can make them in your houes with the lectern some grinds is needed in the game in my opinion
  6. i can agree that skilling needs a bit upgrade regarding money making if you want to be a skiller and maybe do it easier for skiller to complet like achivments and so for those who wants to be lvl 3 skillers
  7. latuz7


    here is some pics of my car audi A5 the last photo is my friends new car
  8. real fun to read and se all this hope to se more of this kind of posts in the furture
  9. really nice suggestions in my opinion how long since you did send this to tom?
  10. if i am not totaly wrong here i think you can download the authenticator on you pc but i not 100% sure of this but whort a try

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