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  1. Voted yes to both, and hope both are allowed in the future. (As long as whatever problems arise are the account owners problems and not staffs')
  2. Tom Delonge


    had a 03 cobra and 04 mach 1 at the same time from 18-22 years old, sold em 3 years ago. loved both took the cobra to the track, it was pullied, exhaust and tune 11.76 @ 115 i think in the 1/4.
  3. i've put a lot of time into coming up with ideas for wildy even sent to tom and was sent to staff but not sure how they even felt about it. Here it is pretty much copied word for word lol... I played on a server back in like 2012-2013 that rewarded players skilling in the following ways. 1. The longer you are in wildy with X amount of coins, you slowly gained more and more bonus experience. We can make this how ever much we want for this particular server. -Let's say we make it 5 million coins. -every 10 mins you are in the wildy doing a certain activity with 5m coins in your inventory you gain 1-5%???? bonus experience with. Logging out, teleporting out, running out all resets your cooldown timer. 2. Add more skilling options in wilderness. Sure this is a little custom, but adding a hero in wildy, amethyst in wildy, more fishing/wc spots in wilderness area wont kill ya. 3. Add more monsters in wildy, higher level slayer monsters that arent bosses. This can go off point 1- risking 5m coins in your inventory will increase drop rate the longer you are in the wilderness. 5 minutes with 5 million risking coins in your inventory is 1-5???? % bonus in drop rate for rares. Whether its abyssal demons, corp, etc. After 10 minutes, 1-5%, 1 hr - 30% bonus drop rate. I think this will increase player activity in the wildy, and really add players pking those players who are risking a bit to speed up skills/getting more drops an hour. Making for a good balance of risk vs reward for both parties.

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