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  1. Cool video, enjoying the progress updates. I hear you on that the next video will be longer Master clues do require crazy items, but maybe you will be able to complete one someday
  2. Personally I think the killcount needed as suggested in Option 1 is far, far too high and as you know I would simply use the RS3 calculation. I don't think needing half the pet drop rate in kills would motivate me nearly enough to grind a rare pet. So it is Option 2 for me hoping for a better outcome. If Option 1, please consider using RS3s calculation of Pet base drop rate/5 = 1 threshold, cap it at 9 thresholds for a maximum drop rate of 10/base drop rate. I feel like that would be balanced perfectly as rarity is already decided by the base rate itself.
  3. Law

    Solo Zammy GWD Guide

    The saradomin's light makes his room brighter and removes the prayer drain special attack that damages like 40s through prayer. He still does use his mage attack occasionally.
  4. Law

    Solo Zammy GWD Guide

    He does use mage in an instance though.
  5. Law

    Coin Pouch

    I like the idea, I keep forgetting money too.
  6. I like it, especially house tablets would be nice before you unlock the construction cape. Other tablets might be useful for clue locations as well.
  7. Law

    Pet Threshold

    First off, I love this and I want Pet thresholds to be added, thank you @Izay for bringing it up here. In your example you mention Giant mole with a drop rate of 1/3000 and a threshold of 1000. Although in RS3 the thresholds equal base drop rate/5 (or *3 for Dagannoth kings as all three share the same killcount) which means once you reach 600 kc for Giant mole your drop rate will be 2/3000 or 1/1500. I kinda like to compare the games and generally, monsters or bosses take longer to kill on OSRS than they do on RS3, plus the base drop rates of any pets on OSRS are already higher than they are on RS3 (e.g. DKs 5000 vs 2500, Corp 5000 vs 2500, KQ 3000 vs 2500 and the list goes on, these all as well take considerably longer to kill on OSRS than RS3). Keeping the above in mind I would go with the exact same calculations of pet base drop rate/5 = 1 threshold. Of course on average this will end up with pets being received earlier than before, but by not altering the base drop rate before the first threshold only the people that actually grind for pets will benefit from this and I think this is a good thing. You will not end up with 6000 Daggannoth Rex killcount and stand there emptyhanded as this kc in fact means nothing. Up to this day only 6 people would have reached the first threshold for the Alchemical Hydra pet, and even then you need to consider that the drop rate increases but at no point in time is the pet guaranteed to drop. Again, I love this suggestion and I hope it will be added this way, as it acts as a long term motivation and in fact does not devalue pets at all, as most pets we see now are likely obtained at a very low killcount anyway which would not have made a difference using this system.
  8. Thanks for posting this, I think the loot is definitely worth doing the clues for, especially as an ironman, these potions are a godsend
  9. Is the 2FA achievement working? I know it didn't complete yesterday for me at least.

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