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  1. personally i believe maxing shouldnt effect the comp cape as much as there are alot of other things to focus on for comp cape than just maxing. id say the idea looting came up with would be good, allowing 50x to get comp cape because making it only 15x/5x is just... alot. i understand the comp cape is supposed to be grindy but the bosses and clues are already one hell of a grind. if someone does all the bosses and other reqs, i dont see why they should also need to be maxed 5x. starting it at like 50x and going down is a good compromise imo.
  2. Team name:Foes Hoes Leader: Redworks Members: Redworks, Virtual Foe, DEAG
  3. this is incorrect, a death at tob on osrs makes a purple less common for the entire group
  4. that makes no sense, a death doesnt mean u wont get a purple it means u have less of a chance. this mindset makes no sense whatsoever also, i thought this before but only brought it up now because a team got a 8 dealth raid and got an avernic hilt
  5. i agree with every point you made. i was being roasted alive in yell for pointin this out. You shouldn't have the same rate of seeing a purple when you have 8 deaths compared to a no death raid... It gives no incentive to actually get good at the raid. Love the post.
  6. i already got my infernal wtf r u talking about lmao.. edit - i also looked on the discord and looked your name up and funnily enough i dont see you getting your infernal cape? soo... infernal loc?
  7. anyone saying that the inferno cape is an accomplishment is dumb af. its literally a rsps. its 3 wave inferno. there is literally no merit or accomplishment about getting it. lol..
  8. redworks

    boss keys

    I think adding some way to maybe perhaps simulate a boss kill and get its loot. So like, an item you can buy that lets you essentially get an extra roll at whatever boss you're killing. You could even limit use of these keys to like 5-10 or so, and it wouldnt be as game breaking as mboxes but it'd still perhaps satisfy some people.

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