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  1. i tried that my friend, upon downloading it it was trying to make me put a number in, which i could not do...
  2. I dont see how skilling doesnt make money, if you have full rogue and do 1 hero task, which CAN BE CHOSEN FREE OF CHARGE AND REPEATED your making between 2-3m per task which take what 20min? maybe 25, depending on level and luck, now this is by no means amazing money, but it funded my bond on my ironman in a single day which is 40m, and i'm sure it can be used to buy the basic gear needed to go into raids within 1-3 days of thieving.
  3. i tried a couple, i just dont understand how they work, the ones i tried were download base. if theres extensions you know of i'd love it if you could contact me with a dm, on more info.
  4. So i'm not sure if i'm the only player who doesnt have a phone and cant setup 2fa, but if not i'l post this.. perhaps adding 2-3 saftey questions, before you can move or trade or bank ingame as a form of protection, you can setup at an npc, and when you login on a new device you automaticly have to type the answers before being able to play, it would give others like me the ability to get the easy achievment done without a phone or knowledge of using apps to bypass that, and it would be additional security which would never be a bad thing.
  5. Iron Chain

    Dax's Graphics

    How much do these signatures cost, i'm seriously considering investing into one because this kind of skill is worth every penny.
  6. Same here, i'v opened alot of these boxes, had around 8-9 skilling outfit pieces overall, and when you open one or two the loot looks nice, and it is however... the seeds, specificly magic... are rediculously rare. This makes the whole process for ironmen mainly more upsetting as getting just a few seeds, could potentially take a few hundred chests, if not more. and its a shame, the loot overall is nice, however its very specific in what areas are nice, and not evenly spread.

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