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  1. He won't mage you if you have sara light?? I need it lol
  2. Nice ideas, should help the wild be more active
  3. My boss killcount is low because I just started playing coming from staff from another server. The point of pets is to be a grind and hard to get. What's the point of lowering the drop rate to make it easier to get? Regardless of how many people get 1k kc I don't think it should get easier.
  4. I feel like this would ruin the feeling of getting/having a rare boss pet. Not a big fan of the idea.
  5. Makes me want to do all the clues sitting in my bank lol
  6. Yeah cakes do the job until you can get higher tier food
  7. wouldnt be bad, but i agree with it being very expensive to switch.

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