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  1. Accepted - congratulations! Apologies for the late response, I was away on vacation.
  2. A clan chat for Old School RuneScape Private Server will go public next weekend, we want to get new arrivals to join and become settled in our Discord server to begin with. Another announcement will be posted once the clan chat has gone public.
  3. We are currently giving away $5 and $10 bonds to random players who show decent activity in the Discord server throughout the weekend, so today is the perfect time to join!
  4. Thank-you. Good opportunity for me to get myself to the next tier donator rank.
  5. Recent in-game broadcast stated +25% - is it +20% or +25%?
  6. Completionist cape is a shipshape addition, I am rather surprised it has not been implemented, or even polled on Old School RuneScape yet. Superb work as always, Tom!
  7. Frieza


    Hi, I am Frieza. I have been lurking OldSchool since its launch - same as I did with Indova, but never played. I have recently had the urge to play a RuneScape Private Server again, which I have not done in a while, and so I cerebrated I would conclusively give OldSchool's game-play a chance. Some of you within the community may remember me as 'ShaunRS' or 'Jim Carroll' from Runique. I do not have much time to play, but it is something I will be doing in my little spare time. I am currently going for 200M experience in the Fishing and Cooking skills on the normal game mode, and will then decide what to do afterwards. I am looking forward to catching up with familiar faces, as well as meeting new people. See you all around!

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