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  1. I would love to see a addition of Kingdoms of miscellania added as a benefical moneysink for iron players and others of all gamemodes to deposit our pennies into to gain herbs, Logs, seeds, flax etc greatfully benefiting players allowing us to save up skilling supplies for those oh so valuable double exp weekends thought the cost of managing miscellanias kingdoms will require a grave amount of gp/action that exceeds the selling prices of herbs logs or whatever else you might be gathering as not trying to introduce a money dupe
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    Hello, I am a Uim whilst most do not play the game-mode i am sure quite a lot of people know how it works, Whilst using our noted items on bank booths to unnote them we do not have the option to actually choose how many items to unnote i would love to see an option added for this as it will be a huge time saver for us as we have to unnote items drop the specific amount we need then renote the rest and pick the dropped items back up i hope you can get behind and support my suggestion!

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