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  1. More Specific detailing STRICTLY for dou/trios:


    Alchemical Hydras.

    Allow for the need of a slayer task be removed.

    Allow for 2 hydras (Maybe have them work at opposite points of a room)
    Stronger Hits


    Tbh I think they are fine how they are.
    Maybe slight Damage boost.

    Maybe tune the respawn time for minions so they can respawn quicker.




    x2/3 trio ghosts when he "arrooooo's" that automatically target each member.

    Higher health.

    more damage.




    Allow for tents to attack faster and harder.

    dbl up the tents from 4 to 6/8.

    Tents Hit thru prayer a bit more
    Longer health



    x2 aggo moles.

    have it run around n stuff.

    This boss is really easy idk.

    Loot is trash.




    Damage boost.

    Hit thru prayer more

    Faster attacks.




    Jad phase in between ranged/maged phase more often.

    Change toxic cloud patterns

    Higher Health



    More ice scorpian spawns.

    More acid walks

    More Prayer deactivates

    More Freezes

    More Fire to avoid.



    2-3 phases of gold ol Olm

    No Major Raid Drops (Tbow/Ancestral Armor)




    Also big thanks to @Ayanami for sharing her previously collected suggestions on the matter:


    Classic mode: will just have bosses spawn in instead of taking you to the instance boss rooms.



    Riot mode: Multiple bosses in at the same time, could have set rotations or have random but there are a lot of variables with random and the amount of bosses 


    Endurance mode: All bosses one after the other you gain points to use for supplies as you are killing 20+ bosses in a row increasing in difficulty 







    Need overhaul of current table
    New rings/ammo slot blessing (Maybe small chance of getting 3 NEW CUSTOM RINGS? or Blessing Scrolls)
    Rings will be bis taking out dk rings maybe addons to keep dks relevant. I definitely feel like they should be addons towards the already imbued/regular rings from DK's but they change ultimately into something w a new name?


    Move penance queen to pc maybe?

    New dom pet of a monster holding a banner? Or of Dominic Onion but very tiny.


    Blessing that give only stats no damage boosts

    Range one would give ammo of some sort so it can be used with rcbow/tbow
    Probs amethyst

    1% boost for each boss? It's a long task and would take upwards of 30 mins I would guess if they do managed to be completed.




    New Map theme?!

    White/royal looking thing or a Gladitorial Setting.
    You are basically a gladiator with a crowd and a Domonic Onion watching you as you make your was through it 


    Fashion cape? After beating 1 endurance 
    Maybe even the pet 100% on completion 

    More points for staying low hp gets the crowd going so fits theme and adds risk/reward

    Points at end of the run could be used to buy supplies at check points so eating more eats into your reward points adding more risk reward, death could reset points to %10 and you get kicked out so your time is not 100% wasted



  2. For those explaining duoing/trioing bosses would be to easy, I did ask for the bosses to be enhanced... Idk if ppl are reading the thread but I guess I can go in depth a bit further.


    Maybe add 2-3 hydras depending on party
    Maybe add triple jad from Inferno.

    Dbl up/ or enhance damage/speed to bosses to help fit the motive. I'm not asking for the bosses to stay the same.



    Duo/trio groups give light to at least 5 bosses that are mainly excluded from a solo's run so that gives the option to take a few boses out/change some bosses.

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  3. Hello. In this thread I am not suggesting that Dominion Zone is lacking, Im suggesting that we allow for more.


    I suggest that we allow for duo or trio Instanced Dominion Zone entries with Enhanced Bosses.


    1stly. A slight revamp to DomZone 


    • Mark w/ x i suggest the bank to me relocated to.
    • 2nd Black x add new empty vial for duo or trio feature.



     Allow for two or three players to sign up for significantly enhanced bosses with a higher minimum sign up requirement (hard mode basically). So for a duo require a sign up for like maybe 7 bosses per run and trios 10 bosses per run.


    When a team succeeds in passing a full roster. Allow the items to be earned separately for any splits should be discussed between the players.
    Also allow for teams to go further than solo mode's max of 4 runs per game allowing them a +1% on the dr potential?

    That is all. Ty for the read. Welcoming any suggestions/edits.


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  4. 12 hours ago, Fepp said:

    We do have this in game already, You can access this at ::home/::Shops and it's the skill frame which you can right click to show pvm times


    I feel like it would be nice seeing the time per kill per milestone kc on yell chat or seeing it every kc personally. However when it comes to the hall of fame i feel like the pvm option on it should show how many times someone has killed a boss as opposed to how fast someone has killed a boss. Cause that info is irrelevant cause killing a bandos in 2 secs really trash as compared to killing bandos 500 times. But on topic: 



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