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  1. Hello. In this thread I am not suggesting that Dominion Zone is lacking, Im suggesting that we allow for more. I suggest that we allow for duo or trio Instanced Dominion Zone entries with Enhanced Bosses. 1stly. A slight revamp to DomZone Notes: Mark w/ x i suggest the bank to me relocated to. 2nd Black x add new empty vial for duo or trio feature. Gameplay: Allow for two or three players to sign up for significantly enhanced bosses with a higher minimum sign up requirement (hard mode basically). So for a duo require a sign up for like maybe 7 bosses per run and trios 10 bosses per run. When a team succeeds in passing a full roster. Allow the items to be earned separately for any splits should be discussed between the players. Also allow for teams to go further than solo mode's max of 4 runs per game allowing them a +1% on the dr potential? That is all. Ty for the read. Welcoming any suggestions/edits.
  2. Archers Seers and Berserker Ring all (i)'ed out ill get the warrior ring when i get it. Eternals and Prims purchased due to Ancestral Legs split. Leveling skills via Raids unexpectedly.
  3. Good work Tom, consistent and delivering what's needed.
  4. Jak

    Time records

    I feel like it would be nice seeing the time per kill per milestone kc on yell chat or seeing it every kc personally. However when it comes to the hall of fame i feel like the pvm option on it should show how many times someone has killed a boss as opposed to how fast someone has killed a boss. Cause that info is irrelevant cause killing a bandos in 2 secs really trash as compared to killing bandos 500 times. But on topic: +1
  5. Have you tried hopping in the discord for support?
  6. Good work Tom. Any info as to what will be changed in ::gamble next update?
  7. I personally dont see a problem with it. Sry.
  8. Hello, Quick info before the video. Noob Gear is fine. The gear used in the video does not matter. All you really need are restores,ranged gear to attack and protect from ranged/maged. RBC or MSB is also fine. Dont touch tornados or get ready to telly out.
  9. Interesting update. Good work nonetheless. Whats up next on the list?
  10. Wow Such great feats already within the 1st month. Some Cracked players... Nice tho. Gj everyone.
  11. Excellent work Tom. Please don't take gamble away.
  12. Bro someone should put the pic of Tekton going nuts. Goodjobs to everyone.
  13. My poor poor heart... Mah heart! Thank you for your Service @Ayanami! Send me a clip of ur next ACE And gz to @Laws!! You were helpful in Syn CC now you'll help allof Oldschool. GJ and Gl.
  14. Super update. Pet ftw!!!
  15. I remember I was online when you got that Rift Guardian. GZ on that and GL on your future trials.
  16. Ooo Good stuff Wing!!! I Gl on your goals.

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