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  1. If you honestly think the majority of the players are going to be running Inferno Capes until the last day of Oldschool then you are mistaken. I say a month and a half tops w non stop ::yell adverts and discord spams. If this "New way to get GP" was such a thread the rate at which it would bring in GP would have to be ASTRONOMICALLY CONSTANT. Just like how it is when players sell the same items and undercut ea other Just to make a sale(you ppl who do this are dumb btw because u cut down the price just to get GP but then now everyone else thinks that item is now worth that low end number) Its going to be the same. In fact I fully expect a variety of prices w varying methods. If I were you id be tuning up my inferno skills. PPl are still to this week atleast seeking to risk their account just for the cape. Cmon ppl are gonna do this shit regardless and a Ultra Affliction Noob like the majority of those whove voted No legit cannot stop anyone from 3rd partying or purchasing a service for someone to get a cape. Unless Staff has abilities to log and trace actively to the 0. On a scale big enough to actually catch someone. At this staff would have to keep an eye out on those complaining about Inferno's who mysteriously got one out of no where. Or track players who've gotten one and check the recent ip's logged in. Just my guesses.
  2. yeah cause 50 out of the 250+ ppl that play will be constantly selling Inferno Capes. Eco breaking omg. If anything, dont participate like everyone else claims. You will prevent cape sellers from profiting. If its money your worried about try gambling or slaying w the challenges, o Mix up some stamina pots selling for like 50k ea, or fishing anglers, or raid... or grind a certain boss for 3 days. This isnt the end of the world nor does it affect your specific individual gameplay. Omg everyone has an infernal cape that must mean this server is shit. How ultra affliction noobs? How? This isnt real Runescape... How??
  3. Honestly for the people who are against it... What does... Other ppl doing it do to you? Like how are you affected? Are you okay? Do you need water? Milk? They need some MILK! But but for real. For those against it. Don't participate in the act. if only 3 ppl end up doing it then it will show how useless the content was/is. OR Participate and run a Cape Selling Business. Capitalize on that potential flash flood stream of GP/items for a week or two. Make a fancy thread post or invite ppl to your discords. Don't just sit on your angry ass cause you achieved something now ...seemingly.... not so hard or cool to do... Honestly that culture of earning shit legitly on a PRIVATE SERVER is kinda reyouknowhatimeanded. OR or just sit there and be mad idk. Theres literally no reason to even care if this doesnt have to affect you directly... Which it doesnt..
  4. 7/10 slight spooky. Nice blue eyes/mouth.
  5. Thank you lol. My set up as a duo was this but w veracs skirt. And the inventory consisted of 1 combat,1hammer 15 brews and the rest restores.
  6. The Grind Continues! @Gentlemenzand myself slayed through countless (probably like 10) slayer tasks like wild savages! We ate, we potted, we killed steelwill at the same time continuously! It was glorious! For in the end we walked out of General Graardor's room looted in x2 Bandos Chestplates, x2 Banos Tassets, x2 Bandos Boots, x1.5 Bandos Godsword (all shards/hilt from minions). We're off to the next one.
  7. what were the numbers of invites for the place-ees?
  8. Jak

    Dominion Zone Guide

    Done! Sry lol!
  9. Jak

    Dominion Zone Guide

    Mind ur business. K thanks.
  10. Jak

    Dominion Zone Guide

    Hello Oldschoolians, In this tutorial Ill be showing you all how I do Dominion Zone. Please note that you do not need 100% of the items I have to participate in this minigame, however elite void make it that much easier. Be sure to set a preset because these runs can become very easy and fast. After some repetition and elbow grease, you'll be on your way. Good luck and Thanks for watching! Dominion Zone The dominion zone is a combination of Dominion Tower and Nightmare Zone. You set up the bosses you wish to fight (minimum of 4 bosses for now) and you will be taken to a different instance of each boss one by one. This is NOT a safe death for HCI’s and will result in loss of status on death. If you defeat all of them you will be taken to a chest where you will receive the drops from all the defeated bosses with a +1% drop rate boost. This boost can be increased by +2% if you choose to "Gamble run", which is basically fighting the same bosses but without being able to re-supply. There is a a "Minigame drop table" which has a 1/100 chance of being hit (this chance goes up if you do "Gamble run") and you also have a 1/1000 chance of receiving a pet penance queen. How to get there: How to get started: As stated above you need a minimum of 4 bosses to start the minigame. It is entirely up to you and your gear to determine which bosses you would like to shoot for. Once you have your list of 4+ click Accept to start the minigame. Gameplay: As shown below, after you finish fighting one boss, you will be teleported into a new boss instance and have a countdown from 10 to get in place and ready, so it is important to pot up and also when to spec for heal. Rewards: After you have completed your initial wave of bosses you have the option to claim your reward with just a +1% bonus towards getting a drop. The drop table is as follows: The minigame drop table consists of: Grimy snapdragon x 100-150 (weight=10) Coins x 500,000-1,000,000 (weight=10) Dragon dart x 300-500 (weight=9) Dragon arrow x 300-500 (weight=9) Dragon bolts x 300-500 (weight=9) Dragon hasta x 1 (weight=8) Master wand x 1 (weight=8) Mage's book x 1 (weight=8) Tome of fire (empty) x 1 (weight=8) Mythical cape x 1 (weight=7) Dragon crossbow x 1 (weight=7) Draconic visage x 1 (weight=2) Wyvern visage x 1 (weight=1) Skeletal visage x 1 (weight=1) Plus more Have fun getting loot!
  11. Jak

    Bug Fixes, Qol

    Good stuff guys!
  12. Got to hit Bandos with @Gentlemenzand we managed to score some Tassets and Bandos Boots on Stream. I Managed to die 3 times on stream as well. But we made loot! Thats all that matters!
  13. Gz @pog and @Frosty AND @Izay Congratz congratz congratz
  14. Good luck with the clan
  15. 1st Extreme to hit 99 Slayer.
    I am Him.

    1. Ralts


      Hi him, I'm ralts.


      Gz btw

  16. It was definetly purchased off anotherplayer, but thank you.
  17. ty updated w yesterday's progress.
  18. Thank you. I dont think I will be doing that. I never maxed out as a x7 in Indova. Thank you. I certainly tried. Its a copy and paste from My thread in Indovas forums w a few edits but I tried lol.
  19. Jak

    Bug Fixes, QoL

    Thank you for your service.
  20. Thanks guys, I can only give 2 likes per day? Lame. Thanks guys!

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