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  1. maybe i'll win that name change bond :)
  2. Initially i was agaisnt this idea because i really like pets being extremely rare, but seeing what everyone has been saying in the previous thread, i changed my mind. Personally i think a good way to do it would be have pet threshold start at the drop rate for the pet, and increase by 25% chance of getting the pet each 1000 kill count after that. For example, if a pet has a 1/3000 drop rate: 1 - 3000 kc = 1/3000 drop rate 3001 - 4000 kc = 1/2250 drop rate (3000 * 0,75) 4001 - 5000 kc = 1/1687 drop rate (2250 * 0,75) 5001 - 6000 kc = 1/1265 drop rate (1687 * 0,75) 6001 - 7000 kc = 1/949 drop rate (1265 * 0,75) ... ... This could obviously have a cap, maybe at 1/500 or even 1/1000 so that pets are still rare, and not guaranteed to have at a certain kc. Also, if you guys think pets such like nightmare would still be too rare, this system could start at 1000 kc for certain bosses instead of starting at the pet droprate.
  3. i freaking beat the inferno!!!! Also got another 5 purples at CoX (~50 kc atm) but they were all prayer scrolls
  4. Oh really? I didn't know that... maybe that's because i got sara light before going to zammy XD Thanks guys
  5. Use instance so that he doesn't mage you > pray melee > attack
  6. Finished kree'arra with 2 hilts, 1 helm, 1 plate, 1 skirt Got ancestral legs from cox
  7. It would indeed be cool if we got a halloween event, but personally i think it's a waste of development time
  8. Welcome buddy! Hope you enjoy your stay here as much as i am enjoying mine
  9. I just don't like the idea of making them less rare... but then again i'm only one person, the rest of the community seems to like the idea
  10. I don't like this. Pets should remain rare
  11. Ayyy finished zulrah 196 kc Also dropped to 5x xp rate
  12. good work but was expecting the loot to be better
  13. Nihilo's completionist adventure XP Rate >> 5x Mode >> Group ironman ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ # SKILLS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ # PVM BARROWS Karils top Karils skirt Ahrim's top Ahrim's skirt ZULRAH Uncut onyx Serpentine visage Magic fang Tanzanite fang VORKATH Vorkath's head Skeletal visage GENERAL GRAARDOR Bandos hilt Bandos chestplate Bandos tassets Bandos boots COMMANDER ZILYANA Armadyl crossbow Saradomin hilt K'RIL TSUTSAROTH Zamorakian spear Zamorak hilt KREE'ARRA Armadyl helmet Armadyl chestplate Armadyl chainskirt SMOKE DEVIL Occult necklace DEMONIC GORILLAS Zenyte shard [0/4] BASILISK KNIGHTS Basilisk jaw SUPERIOR CREATURES Eternal gem Imbued heart ABYSSAL DEMON Abyssal whip Abyssal head ABYSSAL SIRE Bludgeon spine Bludgeon claw Bludgeon axon CERBERUS Primordial crystal Pegasian crystal Eternal crystal KRAKEN Trident of the seas Kraken tentacle DAGANNOTH KINGS Berserker ring Archer's ring Seers ring Dragon axe FIGHT CAVES Fire cape THE INFERNO Infernal cape THE NIGHTMARE Inquisitor's mace Inquisitor's great helm Inquisitor's hauberk Inquisitor's plateskirt Nightmare staff x3 Harmonized orb Volatile orb Eldritch orb ALCHEMICAL HYDRA Hydra's claw Hydra leather Hydra's fang Hydra's eye Hydra's heart WILDERNESS BOSSES Dragon pickaxe Ring of the gods Treasonous ring Tyrannical ring CORPOREAL BEAST Elysian sigil Arcane sigil Spectral sigil Spirit shield x3 Holy elixir x3 CHAMBERS OF XERICS Twisted bow Ancestral hat Ancestral robe top Ancestral robe bottom Elder maul Kodai insignia Dexterous prayer scroll Arcane prayer scroll Dragon hunter crossbow THEATRE OF BLOOD Scythe of vitur Ghrazi rapier Sanguinesti staff Justiciar faceguard Justiciar chestguard Justiciar legguard Arvenic defender hilt SANDS OF AVARICE Dagger of athiri Aphek's kohpesh Gravekeeper's sceptre Medjai's headdress Medjai's trench Medjai's chaps CLUE SCROLLS Ranger boots PEST CONTROL Elite void top Elite void robe Void knight gloves Void ranger helm Void melee helm Void mage helm MAGE ARENA Imbued god cape Master wand Infinity boots Mage's book

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