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  1. So I made this post in regards to money making skilling... Some people play rsps' for raids, some people play for skilling, some people play for skilling, etc. the list goes on Long story short, currently, there's no good way to make cash for new players, many players result to skilling when they first start, unfortunately, unless it's combat related or through thieving, there's not a consistent way to make money, or rather, not a skilling method as consistent as thieving, which at 99 (which is super easy to obtain) is 4k a tick with a full rogue outfit I'm proposing a complete rework on item prices through the general store that caters to all skills and generates roughly the same hourly rates as thieving to give more variety for people who want to skill for cash, at this point, i think it would be good for the economy too and make players happier what do you guys think? and is this a thought that could be escalated to the admins of the server?

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