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  1. I actually make a lot of money with skilling. As well as some of the other guys that do only skilling as well. What do you think needs buffed. Examples would be helpful Also what would you propose for achievements. I have 20 achievements completed with about 5 that I can still possible get done based on rng
  2. Id say only add the +1 threshold just to cut it in half maybe but also I don’t pvm so support either way
  3. @Flux tell me who owns the others. I need to collect more
  4. @The Solo Waykeep up the horrible work to become old schools #1 hated mod!
  5. Hmmmm. I will have to end our friendship after looking at all your achievements
  6. Just @ me every month for th hweens lul. I won’t get rid of em!
  7. How you gonna promote a @Botinstead of ban. Cba
  8. It’s a drop chance therefore not guaranteed. Rng is not on your side
  9. stoop


    Bigger oof
  10. Good luck with the grind. Can hook you up with a bot
  11. I really hate how lucky you are
  12. @F3NDI Will you be compiling a list of things from #suggestions and polling or how will you decide the 75% as about 95% of the things that have been added adjusted in the game havent been polled and most things are QoL suggestions that the players make that just get added to the list. Not sure how you are going to work all that.

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