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  1. Titties on my mind.

  2. Wow a community event on oldschoolrsps.com. I personally will not be attending, as I would like somebody else to have the opportunity to win, but good luck to all participants nonetheless.
  3. Yes to both, but to a certain extent for account sharing. It should be disallowed if you have two or more players sharing one account to take advantage of things, an example being a competition hosted by a member of staff. It should also be disallowed if peoples are sharing one account to compete in the hiscore rankings. Stolen items or account is at own fault if you decide to account share or have someone do a service for you - obviously the account should still be recoverable if you are the original/main owner of the account and have 100% evidence of so. Stolen items should not be refundable. Obviously the hacker/stealer should still serve punishment regardless. Had a friend who gave me his password many months ago, and I only logged into it last month to borrow some money from it and his account got banned. Dumb af. Edit: If services become legal, paid services should also be allowed, and services should be added as a sub-section under Marketplace.
  4. Our Discord server is a lot more active than our clan chat, it seems like it is what our members and new arrivals prefer. Bond giveaways via our Discord server throughout the weekend, do not miss out! Did not want to continuously switch between accounts for editing and such.
  5. Purp


    Own a Ford Fiesta Zetec S and Fiat Abarth 500, however, I am looking into getting a Range Rover in 2021 - not sure which model yet though.
  6. Havoc; originally a small, family-like community built on the late popular RuneScape Private Server, Runique, now having turned into a gaming community - mostly based on Old School RuneScape and Old School RuneScape Private Server. Havoc's main goal is to offer our support to players within the community who seek for it, and to increase their Old School RuneScape Private Server experience in a positive way. We have a lot of different levelled players with all kinds of in-game goals, and we have the knowledge to help you achieve yours. We accept all players, offering a public clan chat and Discord server, however, to have a rank (Recruit, Corporal, and Sergeant), you must apply by responding to this thread or via Havoc's Discord server using the required template. Rank promotions and demotions are taken into consideration by Havoc's Lieutenants+, which usually depends on advertising, helpfulness, behaviour, and clanchat/Discord activity. Lieutenant, Captain, and General ranks are not applicational and chosen by group decisions of Captains+ or Generals+. Clan Founder • @Purp Clan Chat • Havoc CC Discord Invite URL • https://discord.gg/q7Br6uh Rules 1. Refrain from using languages other than English. 2. Always use common courtesy and respect when interacting with all Members. 3. No harassment, bullying, witch hunting, or hate speech. 4. No drama or excessive arguments. 5. If you have an in-game request, have a report to make, or have an appeal to submit, then do so via the Old School RuneScape Private Server forum or Discord server. Do not hassle Old School RuneScape Private Server staff about it in the Havoc clan chat/Discord server. 6. Discord server rules can be found at our Discord server, in the #welcome channel. What We Have to Offer 1. The Discord server has a levelling system, along with perks, and much more. An example being for the levelling system - reach level 10 role (the level 10 role being called Baron/Baroness), you will be granted the ability to attach files and embed links in every channel, rather than a select few. Have the ability to join, speak, and video in voice channels, as well as have access to the #events channel. 2. Weekly giveaways & events - sometimes our giveaways & events are not related to Old School RuneScape Private Server. We also giveaway real life money, gifts/vouchers, Old School RuneScape gold, and host other gaming events. 3. Bond giveaways for those on the iron man game modes. 4. Welcoming, friendly, and supportive staff, and community. 5. A lot of different levelled players with all kinds of in-game goals, and we have the knowledge to help you achieve yours 6. Active chats regarding a variety of topics - from gaming, movies, to sports, and many more. Application Template * You can also apply over at Havoc's Discord server. Current Rank: Game(s) You Play: Date of Last Application/Rank-Up: Why You Feel You Deserve a Rank-Up: Havoc Staff General @Purp @thorpy @stoop Captain @Icepick Lieutenant @Soulcist @ubba @Frosty ——————————————— Founder @Purp Discord Manager @Deluxe Community Manager @stoop Recruitment Manager Advisor @thorpy

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