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  1. A lot of people sell stuff to Sigmund, which means that these relatively low cost items aren't being sold on the G.E. and mostly aren't be recircuated into the economy. Sometimes when trying to buy an item, no one is selling it on the G.E., so you have to look for a while in order to find who is selling it. Especially if you want pages to a god book or a specific item for a clue scroll, it can take a while. My solution to this is to connect sigmund to the G.E. Have sigmund buy everything like normal. But instead of selling the stuff for the new price in his own shop for a brief time before it disappears, have him put that item into the G.E. permanently until someone buys it. This way the person selling it gets the immediate cash, and someone later on looking for that item doesn't have to lookf or a long time.

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