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  1. I like these ideas! Thanks for making the suggestion.
  2. This took a long time to make! In this clue guide I will include: - Easy clues - Medium clues - Hard clues - Elite clues - Master clues - Cryptic - Ciphers - Anagrams - Emotes - Maps - Hot & Cold - Bard clues - Mimic - A full list of all items required for clues - Possible loot Tip For your ease: Use Control + F (Windows) to find your clue more easily. MUST-HAVE ITEMS: Spade Optional but useful items Graceful outfit - You might find yourself running around. Graceful makes your run energy drain less quickly. Crystal saw - You might find yourself 1 or 2 levels away from that master clue Stash-Unit. The crystal saw boosts your construction level by 3 when using. STASH-UNITS STASH units are a great way to store your clue items, so they don't take up as much bank space. Down below I will describe what you need for each tier of stash-units. Easy: 2 Planks 10 Nails, Hammer, Saw, 27 Construction. Medium: 2 Oak Planks, 10 Nails, Hammer, Saw, 42 Construction. Hard: 2 Teak Planks, 10 Nails, Hammer, Saw, 55 Construction. Elite: 2 Mahogany Planks, 10 Nails, Hammer, Saw, 77 Construction. Master: 2 Mahogany Planks, 10 Nails, 1 Gold leaf, Hammer, Saw, 88 Construction. Easy Emote Clues Easy Cryptic Clues Easy Maps Medium Emote Clues Medium Anagrams Medium Cryptic Clues Medium Maps Medium Ciphers Hard clue Anagrams Hard Clue Ciphers Hard Clue Maps Hard Emote Clues Hard Cryptic clues Elite Anagrams Elite Cryptic clues Elite Emote Clues Elite Maps Bard clues Master Anagrams Master Cryptics Master Emote Clues Master Hot/Cold Clues (ALL POSSIBLE LOCATIONS ACCORDING TO THE OSRS WIKI HAVE BEEN LINKED HERE.) Mimic Full list of all Clue items Clue Loot You might be wondering what you may expect from your clues. I have made a forum thread in the past showcasing my loot from 70 hard clues and a handful of elite and master clues. Check that out right here: Clue Loot. For all the clue scroll rewards check out following topic:
  3. Nice guide but you misspelled your own name at the top.
  4. @Brownyl93 You have been suggested to try updating your video drivers.
  5. Good evening, How unfortunate! I personally can't help you with this but I have passed it onto the staff team. I hope your problem gets resolved quickly! -Level 3
  6. Very well done Grandpa, just like your last guides, love it. Guide buddies?
  7. Level3

    New Pets

    This is actually an idea that I really like. I love PVM and I love collecting pets! If there ever is time to implement this content, i'm giving full support!
  8. Thanks a lot for this promotion, I'll be the best I can!
  9. Now that's really unfortunate As a regular player I can't help you getting any items back, but I can advice you to: - Enable Two-factor authenticator. Join the game and type ::store --> Navigate to the top right and go to ''My account'' --> Click on Two Factor Authentication - Don't use the same password and username on other Private Servers. Other servers may have had a data leak without you knowing. I sincerely hope this does not hold you back from playing on this server! See you in game.
  10. Omg Level3 noob didn't even wear your dragon defender! Unacceptable.
  11. Kalphite Queen is one of the easier bosses on the server. But did you know you can safespot half of the fight? Requirements 85+ 85+ 70+ 85+ 70+ Inventory and gear Your inventory and gear should look something along the lines of this: You don't need this type of gear at all. You can kill it in welfare gear too. TIP: Bring an antidote ++ to be immune to poison for 12 minutes. Killing the Kalphite Queen Make your way over to the teleport and select Bosses - Kalphite queen. The Kalphite Queen has 2 attack styles: Magic: KQ will raise her front legs and an electric-like animation will appear above KQ. Pray protect from magic! Ranged: KQ will raise her front legs and NO ANIMATION WILL APPEAR AT ALL. Pray protect from ranged! Melee: KQ will bite you with her pincers, this will usually not do a lot of damage. Don't even bother praying melee. KQ has 2 phases. Melee phase and ranged phase. Phase I - Melee You always start the fight in the Melee phase! KQ is extremely weak to crush weapons, but a decent slash weapon will do as well. F*** it, even a whip will do. Sip 1 dose of Super Combat and head west. Keep paying attention to her attack animations as described above and pray the respective prayers. Once she's dead Phase II will begin. Phase II - Ranged Once you've killed KQ in phase I, she will drop down, and a cocoon will burst open and a flying KQ comes out. This one is completely immune to any melee attack, so equip your ranged gear. Luckily this phase is easy to safespot as shown in the video below. Take a sip your ranged potion! Example Jre1.8.0_251 2020.12.05 - Unique drops 1/3000 1/2000 1/256 1/128 1/128 This was a short guide, because KQ is pretty easy! I hope this helps one of you out there!
  12. A good way to kill Thermy in OSRS is by freezing it and then attacking it with ice spells from the Ancient spellbook. The reason for this is because you can hit Thermy while out of it's relatively small attack range. For some odd reason this is not possible on the server, I seem to be splashing every hit while maging Thermy. Please lower it's defence bonuses on magic so this can be a viable method of killing Thermy!

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