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  1. They weren’t there, I went back right after I died. And they weren’t there plain and simple!
  2. Helllo so I barraging tzhaars monsters in front of the inferno minigame, and I wasn’t afk at all, I was looking at my phone and my pray ran out and I died, I looked up 2 minutes later and saw I died and teleported back to inferno minigame and ran back to where I died and my items were not there at all, this happened to me early game but luckily it wasn’t anything valuable so I just let it go. But this time I lost Ancient staff, 5k deaths 5 k bloods 14k water runes, Saradomin d’hide boots, 2.8k cannon balls ,glory, 28k Tokkul, My Saradomin imbued magic cape, the Tzhaar Ket Om from the drop and my ring of wealth (I) I purchased with donator points. Please help me and refund my items please! I promise I ran back 2 minutes after I died and my stuff wasn’t there and it’s a 10 minute death timer. I am a very dedicated member who has donated a lot and are going to donate more but I’m afraid my items will keep disappearing
  3. All ironman can join! We are currently setting up everything but all ironman are welcome in the cc! Thanks, Stand alone 2nd owner
  4. That’s so sick it’s down to the exact amount
  5. aye im pumped, i love cursed pvm clan! My boy @Shady invited me in

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