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  1. https://gyazo.com/77785da41ae02c97f3eb4ceaa4c2e1a2
  2. 1) Minions of scarab slayer task to count towards Sands of avarice raids 3 2)As many people say this, the Gauntlet. Amazing minigame/boss for ironmen on an ironman based server 3)Magma Blowpipe currently has no special attack bar in game 4)A different tank event to revamp the wild maybe? something strong enough to where you cant kill it with 2 people, would attract more people to kill it 5)A bigger variety of implings in puro-puro, maybe code in some crystal implings since only 2 sources of crystal shards are zalcano and priff agil 6) will edit and add as we go

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