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  1. https://gyazo.com/77785da41ae02c97f3eb4ceaa4c2e1a2
  2. -Nightmare to dominion zone would be pretty dope -Last man standing along with ferox enclave. Last man standing is a very popular mini game throughout 07 and other p.s. maybe put some double xp scrolls, drop rate scrolls, xp lamps as rewards to get people inclined to participate, since most the server base is iron men. Having it at the ferox enclave may further revamp the dead wild -Dice bag games at gamble for hosts. 55/bj. Take away sapphire required to gamble -Raids 4 idea maybe something to do with God wars? -Swamp bark to encourage more pkers to use the modern spellbook -Automatic server tournaments. Very popular on many games. Nh/dh/max str/no arm/pure/zerk. With loadouts for each person, specific gear and specific stats. The only tournament I've witnessed on this game was nh at the duel arena. I myself was undergeared, and lower stats compared to people. Still came in 2nd but not that great of a tourney layout. -As many people say this, the Gauntlet. Amazing minigame/boss for ironmen on an ironman based server -A different tank event to revamp the wild maybe? something strong enough to where you can't solo it like glod, will encourage people to clan up/squad up and bring a more active scene -A bigger spawn of implings in puro-puro, maybe code in some crystal implings since only 2 sources of crystal shards are zalcano and priff agil -Scrap crystal seed options in exchange for shards -Crystal acorn to harvest shards will edit and add as we go

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