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  1. Could use that 20m on my Ironman slayer skip money.
  2. As far as I know of I only know how to get a Cleaning cloth for ironman from the Halloween event. and I wasn't even sure if it would work like the item was intended.
  3. Hey, Deathstroker I had teleported to you, and seen you were still stuck. I had Kicked you (forcing your account to log off) it should fix your issue, If not message me or another staff member on the ::discord.
  4. Teams name: American Eagles Leader: Papers (me) Tiles completed: 21 Link to your spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yffQkc7AfdMMTDDLkztAEuFyH8rfW3hE0h5ON4kpV8s/edit?usp=drivesdk
  5. Team name: Americans Eagles Leader: @Papers Members: @Karambwanji @Exemplary @Holy Sandals
  6. Looks like you put alot of time into this suggestion, I think raids 4 has been brought up before, and might become a thing in the future. Nice work all around though has a nice theme, and style. I would like to add on to maybe the rewards, since raids 3 is kind of weapon updates I think raids 4 could be like "armor" updates. to make them either more tankie or deal more damage etc. That's just my idea though.
  7. Hello! an Welcome to my Herblore Guide! "Normal Players" (Scroll down for Ironmen/Ironwomen) To get started with Herblore from Level 1 you will have to clean "Grimy guam leaf's" here on OldSchool RSPS since we don't have the Druidic Ritual quest. (Or you can ::vote a couple of times, and get a Antique lamp to pass most of the low level stuff.) Now for normal players you can buy these herbs from Horvik at ::shops along with Vials of water. Also, other supplies later on you will want to grab a bunch of these things. At this time if you want you can also grab a Pestle, and mortar. (for birds nests later on) (Horvik at ::shops) (Part of Horvik's Shop) After you reach level 3 Herblore you can start making normal "attack potions", and just follow the chart below for the stuff you will need. After all that just keep making the best potions you can for your level to level quickly. If you don't want to buy supplies from Horvik you can always farm for herbs, and or check out ::topic 472 for Herblore Secondary's section for monsters that drop bulk supplies. "Ironman/Ironwomen" So just like the normal players to get started with Herblore from Level 1 you will have to clean "Grimy guam leaf's" (Or you can ::vote a couple of times, and get a Antique lamp to pass most of the low level stuff.) To get some Guam's to start ether start farming before this or a couple different monsters drop them you can check by looking at ::Drops (For example Men level 2 can drop 1 Grimy guam on a 1/15 rate, or Cave crawler level 23 drop 1-2 Grimy guams on a 1/12 rate.) Next step would be to invest in some Vials of water, And a Pestle and mortar. (for birds nests later on). You can get both these items from the Iron Man tutor at ::shops \/ (part of the ironman store showing the items listed above) After you get level 3, and have gather a bunch of Vials of water You will need to grind out secondary's, and herbs for potions. Once you gather the Herbs, and Secondary's just keep pushing away at the best potions you can make for your level. Follow the chart below if you need more info on what potion to make at what level or what you need for said potions. (Thanks to Wonk Jr, on ::topic 472 he has already made a wonderful post on where to find a lot of these supplies for Irons or normal players, so I highly suggest taking a look at that for some good info.) Herblore Chart Please take note the Xp displayed is x1 so just calculate your xp rate with that to figure how much xp you'll get per potion.
  8. yea I seen it now haha for some reason when I scroll up or down it skips around idk.
  9. What about tables though? They require no nails, and are a nice stack of xp.
  10. Even on phase 1, with Diamond Bolt (e)'s you can safe spot it too. Just because it has protect from range you can still hit on it, just not as often. I do it all the time when I dominion zone so I can save food etc. But, it does make for slower kills etc.
  11. Can you please limit yourself from making so many posts, maybe try editing your last post or so if you get more ideas please.
  12. If they wanted to stop from blood money or key farmers there is a way easier way to stop that from happening. For example, make it IP based, only can kill 1 player from a certain IP like once every 2 or 3 days. With that being said, they can kill you lets say today, and get a wild key/blood money. Then, you are basically on a cooldown for them, they can still come kill you but they wont get any blood money or keys etc. That's what a past server of mine had before. To conclude I don't think its a real big issue currently etc.
  13. Are we gonna get the Blade of Saeldor, and the pet? Also are we making sure it will be a unsafe death for Hardcores like real OSRS?
  14. agreed make the full-minigame if you ask me. makes it more grind worthy, and at the end feel more rewarding cause you completed the full thing.
  15. Well if you would like you could go for the pet, the more capes you get. and turn in to the npc outside gives you a chance to get the pet.
  16. lIlIlIlIlIl


    Good luck on your adventures as a Hardcore if you do go with that! hope to see you in-game!

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