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  1. Yeah you got the prayers mixed up it seems
  2. Thank you for this opportunity, looking forward to seeing what the future brings
  3. Let’s go Tom! Thanks for the update and the hard work!
  4. A beginning of something huge! Good job man! im sure this will come in handy for new UIM's
  5. this is huge! Thanks again for the hard work Tom!
  6. Let's go! Amazing concept Tom, im a huge fan. Thank you for the great work
  7. Good luck to the bois with their new roles!
  8. Hope you didn’t waste all ur larran’s keys yet @The Solo Way ps. ty for the update Tom
  9. Is it possible to remove the "talk option" on the people at darkmeyer? Kinda sucks to right click to pickpocket (make it similar to heroes) Or make it possible to open doors there
  10. Do you get double shards by wearing rouges outfit while pickpocketing?

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