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  1. A beginning of something huge! Good job man! im sure this will come in handy for new UIM's
  2. this is huge! Thanks again for the hard work Tom!
  3. Very nice, thanks Tom!
  4. Let's go! Amazing concept Tom, im a huge fan. Thank you for the great work
  5. Good luck to the bois with their new roles!
  6. Hope you didn’t waste all ur larran’s keys yet @The Solo Way ps. ty for the update Tom
  7. Is it possible to remove the "talk option" on the people at darkmeyer? Kinda sucks to right click to pickpocket (make it similar to heroes) Or make it possible to open doors there
  8. Do you get double shards by wearing rouges outfit while pickpocketing?
  9. it get's worse bois - https://gyazo.com/1e6368f2bf1a7886d36e58b62306889f - dunno why it says 2 pets tho - but that was after 14 kc..
  10. So today I thought I would give Soa a try, and the kind soul @Scumboy decided to be a champ and take me for a learner run.. Then this happened - https://gyazo.com/49e3ea68e8489761ac6ccda70971e30b - The spoon strikes again Thanks a lot for the help @Scumboyand sorry for sniping ur drop /Guthan
  11. Thank you for this guide man! Will help out for sure
  12. Very nice man, I did 79 hards, 25 elites as well and got lucky on rangers Best of luck on getting them!
  13. Guthan

    New Pets

    ive seen them on another server, and they are really sick (on there you have an event every x hours where they spawn and you can kill them for 30% exp bonus for 30 mins and a chance of the pet)

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