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  1. this is very cool of u cheers m8 i can taste that name change
  2. Please add dragstone armor to regular crystal chest at home or maybe make the enhanced chest take regular keys and u take a gamble by opening the enhanced chest because the drops are usually pretty bad in osrs and the drops from the chest at edge are pretty good.
  3. Can more cosmetic clue rewards please be added to the shop. There is already a lot and im looking for the hoods and hats and i have some extra credits for dono shop
  4. PkCallisto

    New Pets

    If anyone can find or make a model I think it could be cool to add pets for the mage arena 2 "bosses" Porazdir and Derwen could look really cool as a pet and Justiciar Zachariah could either be a model of himself or something pertaining to justiciar lore or aesthetic.
  5. mans is out here powertripping for real. he could have said asking for a fight to die to is considered farming so not allowed
  6. PkCallisto


    Help I need my account unbanned I was at callsito and forgot an amy to tp back and i asked izay for a tp back to edge bc he did it before and after no answer i asked to be killed for a tp back. How is this bad im not asking to be farmed and I already get farmed 10 times an hour wtf
  7. yea my b is it messin w the forums? ive found if it says hot it actually has a chance of being viewed
  8. love that idea. you can still pk people for thier gear if they have some but there is no reason to kill people just for sake of farming them
  9. I see what you mean about rev caves the price sigmund gives for emblems is crazy high especially because they really arent that rare. I dont really know how important holding the integrity of the rest of wildy when there are so many other parts of this private server you could compare to osrs and be like oh you just gave up all the integrity of that facet of the game. There is a clear reason why some players have killstreaks in the thousands and its because they have knowledge of how to pk and go for people who are doing other tasks. Now I see this being a good system in osrs however in a private server that literally attracts pvmers on private server lists I dont think its out of place to ask questions about how to revive wilderness content in a way that makes people wanna go there. We can just say stay out of wildy to anyone who doesnt wanna lose anything but I see that being beneficial to the 2 percent that pk the skillers farmers ect and noth the 98 percent of pvmers.
  10. i dont bring anything that drops on death so its not a quick buck its just farming wildy keys and bloodmoney
  11. if im campin callisto most times of the i bring three items so i lose nothing on death. tell me how its a good thing that the same 3 people tp to me constantly and kill me for bloodmoney and wildy keys. its basically the same thing as boosting wildy kills of eachother. I had previously mentioned in a forum post the general answer to this problem is saying wildy is wildy and thats it but that doesnt touch on the topic that with wildy teleports you basically cant do any action in wildy other than your clues without someone being able to tp directly to you with max gear and attack you. general consensus from people was "yea i just dont go wildy anymore its broken" I guess we can just leave it at that if the consensus is there is n oway to fix it
  12. just a wild accusation that im the new one but somehow out of 100 ppl 20 to 25 r asking questions...
  13. i was on for 5 hours this morning at from the time this forum was posted there was like 10 questions top thats like 2 an hour
  14. 1 fifth of active players if not more have questions constantly? there r 100 ppl on at a time i doubt that
  15. id understand keep cc free if there was actually more than 4 people in it an hour. only messages ur see r buy sell this and an occasional question about drops

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