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  1. Okay time to seriously play this game. Bought a Tbow succeeded. Bought a Scythe Another Success. I have all i need to finishing maxing. And Then the goal is comp cape. Lets go Kingsley Gainzzzz!!!! I can Totally do this!!






  2. Nice Suggestion! I think this will be a cool addition for construction!
  3. Just my Photodump of new 2021 Creations. #1: #2: (Revision) #3: #4: Made my Older Brother a Tattoo. # uhmmm idk #6ish
  4. Happy New Year To All Community Members! I hope 2020 was better than the most of the world for you but just know 2021 will continue to improve. We live life as lessons and we will continue growing as a community as a rsps as a whole. We will always be the Growing Faction vs's our rivals but they know we did it once we can do it again. We may be down a bit on players counts this past month. Don't feel like anything is wrong it happens. The Dev and Staff Team have many things in the works just its all queued right now so its taking time to create more wonderful adventures for us. Keep Strong Oldschool! Keep Positive Friends! Always Prevail! Every single one of you has greatness inside of you! Just pray to the big ups we have or what ever you pray to. God, Satan, Angels, Demons. Choose your way and go for it! Love you're life and be happy!


    - Good Luck From the Kingsley Family to you'res.

  5. Very nice Collection mate. Keep up the amazing work! -Love Kingsley
  6. Glad the turn out was good! Nice job everyeone!
  7. UwU'.    ....     Senpaii!      ❤️ 

  8. Thank you Tom for you're hard work on the coding. Thanks for these updates.
  9. Hello Friends, It’s been awhile. It’s pretty crazy how 2020 is almost over. I hope you are all doing well. Pretty much only thing I miss is checking in with everyone. I haven’t been big on gaming for awhile now. I don’t know why but I just don’t find much joy in it. But anyways I hope everyone has been doing good. I hope no one got sick and if you did I wish you stay healthy now. For me I had a rough few months when I got Pneumonia. I still have no immune system really haha covid was negative though thankfully. Anyways please feel free to write below let me know how your year has gone so far. I’ll be around surfing discord and the forums randomly. Just want to say it’s great to still care of our old community with all the old friends you have all become over the years. God Bless and Stay Helathy everyone. -Love Kingsley
  10. Gratz @Wingdragon nice to see you moving up in the ranks. And nice job @Skillen keep up the good work.
  11. Okay so I messed with the Texts. Heres a few options. If none work let me know I can try to download more texts from photoshop text if it lets me. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7
  12. Not Sure if you still play or not but here. A Signiture for you. If you don't like the style let me know I'll make a different one. Since you're a girl I made it kinda colorful.
  13. I love seeing these Stats Updates. Thanks Fluxyyyy! It even has home hype and fun with the writing and explanations. Nice Work!

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