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  1. Happy New Year To All Community Members! I hope 2020 was better than the most of the world for you but just know 2021 will continue to improve. We live life as lessons and we will continue growing as a community as a rsps as a whole. We will always be the Growing Faction vs's our rivals but they know we did it once we can do it again. We may be down a bit on players counts this past month. Don't feel like anything is wrong it happens. The Dev and Staff Team have many things in the works just its all queued right now so its taking time to create more wonderful adventures for us. Keep Strong Oldschool! Keep Positive Friends! Always Prevail! Every single one of you has greatness inside of you! Just pray to the big ups we have or what ever you pray to. God, Satan, Angels, Demons. Choose your way and go for it! Love you're life and be happy!


    - Good Luck From the Kingsley Family to you'res.

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