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  1. Quick and to the point! nice guide glad to see me and 3 arent alone out here! good work.
  2. shud up
  3. by:Granpa Teleport to Zalcano Zalcano is what I would consider a Skilling boss that requires 70 mining and smithing, She is pretty much Wintertodt but you are fighting a demon and mining/smithing/runecrafting. This boss is fairly easy and is usually done in mass groups for fast kills, but can be solo'd. Zalcano has 1,000 hitpoints and there are 3 rounds fighting her. Zalcano Takes damage through you mining Tephra and refining it in the furnace which creates Refined Tephra You will then use the Refined Tephra on the altar creating Imbued Tephra throw the Imbued Tephra at Zalcano to break her shield. 1. Mining 2. Refining 3. Imbuing Zalcano has a shield that must be broken before any damage can be done to her. In addition she will summon a golem that will heal her depending on what hitpoints the golem has. The golem can be killed using Imbued Tephra the golem will drop a considerable amount of Imbued Tephra. Note: that this is usually only done in small parties and in a mass group the golem can be ignored most of the time. Hitting Zalcano with Imbued Tephra Once Zalcano's shield is down she will fall allowing you to mine her. You can bring any pickaxe but rune+ is recommended. No armor is needed, but its recommended to bring full gracefull, prospectors set, mining skill cape, or Varrock armor. Bringing Varrock armor allows you to mine two Tephra at a time. Bring food to heal with you Sara brews. Zalcano dropping her shield, Rinse, wash, repeat. Recommended gear Prospector's set: Graceful set: Varrock armor: Required Healing Supplies: Pickaxe: mining level: 70 Smithing level: 70 Runecrafting level: 70 Zalcano has a few different attacks and its really nothing to be scared of, I will go over them below. Boulders Zalcano will stomp and drop boulders from the sky, these can be avoided by moving 1 tile away before it hits you if you do not move it will deal significant damage to you. Boulder Dealing damage Dodging Boulder Symbols Zalcano will summon Demonic Symbols on the ground (Red & Blue) Do not stand in the Red Symbols they will kill you fast you will be repeatedly hit with damage. However the Blue Symbols with increase your damage and accuracy while throwing Imbued Tephra. It is recommended to stand in the blue symbols if you can. red symbols Magic Missle Zalcano will shoot a magic missle at a random mining node destroying it if you stand by it when its destroyed you will take mild damage, move away from the rock before it explodes to take no damage. Magic missle Pebble Throw Zalcano will throw pebbles this is unavoidable and will hit you always. Zalcano drops noted ores, bars, runes, and other things. The best Drops are: To see a full droplist click !!! HERE !!! Thanks for viewing my guide
  4. I mentioned tables and yeah not everything requires nails I believe gnome benches are slightly better xp and a bit faster because there is two right next to each other. tables are nice though
  5. by: Grandpa You will only need a few items to do this skill. Planks: Normal Oak Teak Mahogany Tools: Hammer Saw Nails Construction can be started by talking to the Estate Agent in Edgeville. He is found NW of edge by the main building. Once you talk to the Estate Agent tell him you would like to buy a house and choose your home location. Each location cost a different amount of GP. The best portals are Edgeville and Rimmington. As they have the closest Tele/bank locations. Unless you have a spare 15m I suggest Rimmington. Cost of House and location. Rimmington: 5k gp Edgeville: 15m You need to visit the sawmill in order to make planks. The Sawmill requires certain logs to make planks. The Planks will cost gold to make Normal Oak Teak Mahogany The Sawmill has a bank next to it but can only be unlocked by being a Sapphire Donator (very useful perk) In addition the the sawmill you may also make planks using the Lunar spell Plank Make . Spell Requirements: 86 magic 15 earth runes 2 astral runes 1 nature rune Gold Start off buy Entering your home in "Build-Mode" Right click an empty door space and start by building a Parlor. Now that we have a Parlor built lets make a crude chair. For the best XP you should build and remove and then build again. Rinse,Wash,Repeat. Your're going to want to do this until lvl 33 then you will build a kitchen and switch to Oak larders. depending on your XP rate Oak larders are the move until level 52 when you will build a Dinning Room and make Mahogany dinning tables. Make the dining tables until level 77 Once you've hit 77 build a formal garden and make Gnome Benches until 99 this is the fastest and easiest method I know of. At Level 50 you can Hire a Demon Butler from the Servant HQ. HQ is located in Ardougne and there is a teleport that will take you directly there. The Demon Butler is extremely useful as he can bring you planks, tools, etc. from your bank for a small gold fee. Gold leaf and other building items can be obtained from various monsters and are usually best obtained during slayer. Ents have a high drop rate for gold leaf and are usually farmed for them. Its highly advised to just focus on XP until 99 only having one room which will be the room your currently building in. Then getting fancy and actually building a house after. Dungeons currently cant be built so don't waste materials and GP trying. Thanks for viewing my guide!
  6. Another solid guide from you! I never get assigned smoke devils hoping to destroy this boss soon
  7. yeah i looked at guide today and all the special font pics are gone just my luck lol will fix soon! thanks for the feedback!
  8. Thanks for explaining the attack patterns! while i already know it im sure others will find it useful! even pie doesnt know how to do hydra kek
  9. by: Grandpa ================================================ General Info Giant Mole is hands down one of the easiest bosses in Oldschool Rsps, you dont need special gear or a light source to fight this boss, it can be done with a bronze dagger if you wish to do so. All you will need for this boss is the Protect Melee prayer. ================================================ The Boss The Giant mole has one main attack which is a melee based attack, he swipes his paw one time and thats it. The Giant Mole will not aggro on you. Normally Giant mole digs and runs away from you, makes the cave dark, drops stalagmites etc., but not on this server! Your going to want to have protect melee on at all times he can not one shot you his max hit is 21. As long as you keep prayer on you will take no damage I normally bring just super restores with me. ================================================ How to Kill Dharok bombing is one of the best ways to kill mole Rock Cakes can be obtained from rock/sand crabs 1/64 rate Dharok bombing I personally use a blowpipe but you can kill mole with whatever you choose. There really isn't any gear requirments I bring nothing but my falador shield 2 free inv slots and the rest super restores for best camping of the boss Inventory setup ================================================ Safespots There are several safespots if you dont have the Prayer level for protection spells yet or your a pure account. Essentially you can lure mole to the cave edges and get him stuck its fairly simple. Like so ================================================ Drops Giant mole doesn't drop much loot the best drops from The Giant Mole are: Giant Mole always drops Mole skin, and Mole claws While they high-alch for 240 gp they sell to Sigmund for much higher! = 20k = 30k This is great money for new players! Averaging 700k for an inventory of these items. You can bring a Falador shield and it will note your skins/claws letting you stay longer and increase profits!! I hope this guide will introduce new players and even Veterans to a very easy boss that has high potential to make money! ================================================ Thanks for viewing my guide! -Grandpa

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