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  1. Skillen

    I'm Stuck

    Fixed it for you. Should have no issues now logging in. Keep me updated if you do for some odd reason.
  2. Skillen

    Hey Guys!

    Awesome man welcome to the server hope you have a great time. Let me know if you need anything.
  3. Basic quick guide above the video if you do not need it and already know how to do blood runes Normal accounts 1-40 best talisman/rune you can buy/make at your level from Horvik at home 40-77 Astral runes 77-99 Blood runes Iron accounts I recommend buying an elemental talisman from Town Crier at home in skill store to make basic runes (air, water, earth, and fire) until 40 then repeat steps 2-3 above in normal accounts otherwise ::drops and kill something for talisman of choice until 40 Teleport locations required for bloods: Skilling > Mining > Dense Skilling > Prayer > Dark Altar Full video guide (4:10 to skip to bloods):
  4. Skillen


    Spoke with in-game. Situation has been resolved.
  5. Skillen


    Welcome! Hope you have a good time here also. Let me know if you need anything
  6. lol what did I just watch
  7. Thanks buddy sucks you are leaving but I will still see you around
  8. Welcome! Hope you have a good time here buddy

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