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  1. Hi all, Oldschool's first NH Tournament is happening THIS Saturday (1/23) at 3pm EST. This is a player run tournament. RULES: - You can participate at any combat level, however please know that most players will be max combat and it could be a disadvantage if you're not. - NH gear being used is shown below, only this gear must be used. If you want to use different bolts, you can, but they must be from the store @ home. This ensures that every player has a fair chance of participating in the event. (No rings, no rune pouch, and only Ice Barrage Runes). - Infernal Cape, Ava's Assembler, and Mage Arena 2 capes ARE NOT allowed, only the variants sold at home. - Food/Brews/Restores must match the picture example. - 1 Account per person entered, no alt accounts allowed. - Please be respectful to all players, we welcome anyone even if you have never PK'ed before. It is all in good fun. TOURNAMENT LAYOUT: - Each player must comment their username below to be entered so we can randomly pair up players and create a bracket. - Each fight will be monitored and the winner will advance, if you lose once you're out. - The last two players left will be competing in a best of 3 fight to determine the winner. - The prizes consist of a $100 bond for 1st place, a $20 bond for 2nd place, and a $10 bond for 3rd place. QUESTIONS? Feel free to message the players who have organised this [email protected], @The Solo Way or @Fish.
  2. Winners: Highest total level overall: $100 PayPal or $200 OSPS Bonds Kots Gimp Highest overall total experience: $100 PayPal or $200 OSPS Bonds Kots Gimp Highest level in each of the skills: 15m 07GP or $30 OSPS Bonds Kots Gimp (11 skills) KOTS Miray (4 skills) Lol Losers (3 skills) TsarkiKOTS (3 skills) KOTS Kelved (1 skill) KOTS Tao (1 skill) Most overall pets - 30m 07GP or $60 OSPS Bonds Kots Gimp, KOTS Miray & KOTS Tao (1 pet) Most achievements completed - 50m 07GP or $100 OSPS Bonds Kots Gimp (22 achievements) Most complete skilling sets - 25m 07GP or $50 OSPS Bonds KOTS Tao (4 sets) Most GP - 20m 07GP or $40 OSPS Bonds KOTS Tao (188.2M gp) Most skilling points - 20m 07GP or $40 OSPS Bonds TsarkiKOTS (15.2K points) Can the winners please DM me on Discord or create a support ticket with your chosen reward and you'll be given your reward. Congratulations to all those who won!
  3. You're completely negating the fact that he said discord aswell when majority of us know that Discord bug/suggestion channels are used more and have more activity than the forum does. You was asked by 2 staff members and a regular player to put your suggestions/bugs in the appropriate channels on there, why would you keep bringing it up in a help chat then complain you got punished for it?
  4. He literally told you what to do instead of suggesting this stuff in a help chat.
  5. if 2fa wasn't enabled then yes it is your fault
  6. You can use Authy on your PC https://authy.com/download/

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