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  1. The time for growth is there, listed under the "seeds" part
  2. Team name: BTW Team leader: Frenchy Tiles completed: 23 Time of completion: N/A if not applicable Link to board image or document: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1EnxWIkB3PlwHCR6xULMTdam7x15EwNilVws8jyELuLk/edit?usp=sharing
  3. Gratz on the promo @Dot, welcome to the team
  4. Team name: BTW Leader: @frenchy Members: @Hans / @The Solo Way
  5. frenchy

    Farming Guide

    Basics There are three main stages that you will encounter when training Farming: Acquiring the seeds, planting the seeds and finally harvesting your produce. You can obtain seeds from various methods, including purchasing from players, at the Grand Exchange, drops from monsters as you kill them...You can also pickpocket them from the Master Farmer. Once you have seeds, you will need to find the appropriate Farming patch. Each Farming patch is designed in such a way to allow only a certain kind of seed to be planted in it. Herb patches, for example, only allow you to plant Herb seeds within them. Farming patches can be found all over the world. Using a selection of Farming tools, you will have to tend to the patch to prepare it for planting, treat the patch with compost if you so choose and then actually plant the seed. Some patches will also allow you to water your crops. After the seeds have been planted, you will have to wait a while for them to grow. Crops still grow while you are logged out of the game, so you can focus on other skills or enjoy a bit of a break from all the experience gains while you wait. When your crops are fully grown, you are then able to harvest your produce from the patch and use however you see fit. Farming Tools Rake Description: Used to weed your Farming patches. Spade Description: Lets you harvest crops from fully grown patches, or clear dead crops. Watering Can Description: Waters your plants. Can be refilled by using it on any water source. Seed Dibber Description: Used to plant your seeds into their respective patches. Secateurs Description: If used on a diseased tree or bush, allows you to remove the diseased foliage. Plant Pot Description: Place a sapling in a filled plant pot to grow it and then plant it. Regular Accounts You can obtain the spade from the gen store, west of the home bank For all the rest of the farming gear, you will find it at Horvik, in ::shops Ironman Accounts You can obtain all of the farming gear directly from Adam, the ironman tutor He is located on the northern end of the ::shops building Tool Leprechaun As you visit the many Farming patches around the server, you will be sure to encounter Tool Leprechauns wandering at the majority of them. They have the ability to store various Farming tools for you for free (interface shown below). Any tools you store with the Tool Leprechaun will be available from all the others, and can help you save a few inventory spaces as you do your Farming runs. Farming Seeds Seeds are the primary ingredient in Farming, as you are unable to plant and harvest crops without them! You can obtain seeds in a wide variety of methods. They can be stolen, dropped from monsters, bought from players or at the Grand Exchange. The best place to obtain herb and allotment seeds is from Master Farmers in Draynor NOTE: Spirit and Fruit Trees , as well as Flowers, are currently disabled. Allotment Seeds All specified Experience gains are for x1 accounts without any bonuses, take things such the farming outfit into account These are currently the only plants that CAN DIE Allotments take 40 minutes to grow Herb Seeds Herbs cannot die ! They also take 40 minutes to grow Tree Seeds Once again, trees cannot die They take 8 hours to grow How to turn tree seeds into saplings Grab your tree seeds, plant pots and watering cans Use the tree seeds on the plant pots Use the watering cans on the planted pot to create a sapling Farming Patches You can find all the farming patches via the teleport panel : The first 4 teleports are exclusively for allotments and herbs The other 5 teleports are for planting trees The blue square represents a herb patch, the red ones represent allotments Extra Farming Features - Magic Secateurs, obtained from the Town Crier's Skilling Store, increase the crop yield of all crops by 10%. These have to be equipped to work - The Farmer Outfit, obtained from the Town Crier's Skilling Store, is an experience-boosting set that grants bonus Farming experience when worn. Hat: +4% Top: +8% Waders: +6% Boots: +2% Full set: +25% - Tangleroot, the Farming skill pet, can be obtained while training Farming. Getting Started Rake herb and allotment patches for free experience You can start planting Potato seeds from level 1 in the allotment patches and wait 40 minutes At level 9, start planting Guam seeds in the herb patches Depending on your level, try to plant the highest tier of seed possible to optimize experience gain Once you hit level 15, you can start planting acorn (which turn into oak trees after 8 hours) You should now be a fully functional and efficient farmer, ready to grow herbs and trees alike ! Tips and Tricks - Herbs take 40 minutes to grow, set a timer to remind you of when they're done growing (the runelite plugin is currently unreliable) - Use your picked herbs on the tool leprechaun to note them, saving you the hassle of having to bank every time your inventory is full - Make good use of the tool leprechauns' storage, that will save you bank space as well as time - Try to optimize tree farming by popping a votebook before doing a tree run. Magic trees are amazing experience, and gaining 50% bonus really makes a difference  Good luck on the farming grind ! P.S : Tom is working on adding new farming content, I will therefore be updating this guide as soon as it is released.
  6. Hey there Fremm ! Can you please report this on either https://forum.oldschoolrsps.com/index.php?/forum/63-report-a-bug/ or on the #bug section of the server discord ? Thanks a lot for taking the time to let us know about this
  7. Thanks everyone, means a lot

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