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  1. Congrats guys! 2 very good choices
  2. Great start to the guide mate! If you need someone to talk you through the CoX storage method let me know on disc and I’ll tell you if you don’t already know ofc keep us the amazing work man!
  3. Oooft now there’s some motivation to comp
  4. Nice update Tom! Seed vault will be very nice for the UIM
  5. Big up @Level3for being the most active and helpful staff recently! #Level3ForAdmin2021
  6. any pounders in the chat

  7. By saying you need to be atleast x15 maxed, does that mean as a x5 if my stats converted to maxed at x15 i'd be eligible?
  8. This is clean af! Looks incredible bro and good job!
  9. adam

    Slayer Task Rework.

    I understand where your coming from with this, I use coins myself and have 8k slayer points with nothing to really use them on but still prefer using coins. But as Wing said it’s a nice money sink
  10. Loving this progress! that wyvern vissy is very nice
  11. As a Ironman myself I’d rather have to grind for items as id also receive other items along the way, examples quite a few of these items can be gained by killing greater demons and by the time I got dscim I’d already got full time dlong. I think buying these items from shops defeats the object of it

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