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  1. Getting There The most facile way to get to the Chaos Altar is to utilise the OldSchool RSPS teleporter at Home to the King Black Dragon (can be found under the Bosses category) and run remotely South-West. Be vigilant that the King Black Dragon teleport takes you to level 42 Wilderness, and the Chaos Altar is in level 38 Wilderness, so do not jeopardise what you cannot afford to lose! General Features 2 wine of Zamorak spawns are on a table inside the hut, which can only be obtained by simply taking them from the table. The wines respawns every 3 seconds. Players who kill the Chaos Fanatic can utilise the Chaos Altar to recharge their Prayer as it is very close. There is also the Elder Chaos Druid (NPC) who can unnote any type of bones for a fee of 50 coins per bone. Chaos Altar Players can offer bones on the Chaos Altar, granting 3.5x Prayer experience per bone, the same bonus as a gilded altar with two burners lit. The Elder Chaos Druid outside the temple can unnote a player's bones for 50 coins each. There is a 50% chance when offering a bone on this altar that it will not be consumed. These bones can be offered again, granting Prayer experience and another 50% chance of not being consumed. Reiterating this, on average this will result in a 100% gain in experience, meaning players can achieve the same Prayer experience with half the bones compared to a gilded altar with two burners lit. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to post down below, or directly message me via the forum or in-game - preferably via the forum.
  2. Nicely laid out and very informative, I shall send new players' to this thread if I ever see one seek starter assistance. Thanks, @Ayanami!
  3. Stats are looking good, @Izay. Keep at it!
  4. Sweet video, @Walkchaos. Exhilarated to try out Raids 3 once I have the stats and gear.
  5. Looking forward to gathering with the skilling community at Wintertodt.
  6. Welcome to OldSchool RSPS, @j w kingsley!
  7. Very surprised to hear that an eylsian spirit shield is in the game already - congratulations to @Aik Nakui. Intriguing read overall, thanks for your time to accumulate these statistics to share with the community, @Flux! I hope to see another in a couple months time, or even in a month's time.
  8. It would be great for all spells (especially ones in the lunar spellbook) to be 100% functional. I support.
  9. I am surprised that the dragon defender requiring level 60 in Attack rather than Defence was not spotted during the beta stage, I suppose it was a facile miss with players having the ability to reach max total level with a command. Great work as always, @Tom!
  10. Bacchus


    Welcome to OldSchool RSPS, @Wonk Jr! I hope you have a great stay, and good luck with the Hardcore Iron Man game mode.
  11. Colourful introduction. Welcome to OldSchool RSPS, @MsAlia!
  12. Welcome to OldSchool RSPS, @Duty! I hope you have a wonderful stay.

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