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  1. Team name: Never Lucky Leader: Dove Members:Dove, Dylos, Left hand
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  3. Dove


    Hey! Wanted to share some thoughts and suggesting some stuff that I think should be considered and potentially added to the game! Dtiers: I think having a donation rank should decrease the cooldown on the regenerate pool at home, obviously if you have a higher donator rank the cooldown should get lowered. It would also be nice if we could possibly set our homes to ::DS or ::DZone (make add a pool there with lower cooldown). (this was added with the latest update) - 24/05-2020 Also if possible make instances cheaper for donators or if you have that boss as a task. (maybe also add a chest at home to claim items you've lost in an instance as some items wont protect because you've added charges to it which makes it untradeable)! Ironman Mode: A feature I would love to see for all Ironmen is to able to hide all drops that aren't yours, because at the moment it's very easy to confuse your own drops with others if the area is heavily contested (like cave horrors) all drops can be of use for an Ironman so spending time finding your own loot-pile can be frustrating! (This was inspired from playing other servers) Updates: If there's an upcoming update coming raids should be closed down so players can't start a raid, that way we don't have to get disconnected during the raid and lose all progress. Also this will help staff so they don't have to delay the update further! That's all I could think of at this moment, if you think there's something else that needs to be added or removed please share your thoughts! Thank you! -Dove
  4. Dove


    Hey! Was wondering it would be possible to make the tab key reply to your latest pm as it works for osrs. Thanks alot! This server is so wonderful and well made! -Dove

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