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  1. Been waiting for this since the server which must not be named. Love this thank you to the team and their hard work.
  2. At Once

    Max Cape

    Ah, I'm sorry I had not seen that it had already been noted. Thank you Wing.
  3. At Once

    Max Cape

    Though I have not tested all of the skillcape perks with the max cape... I have found the Herblore perk does not work with the max cape. It'd be great if we could implement this and/or all of the others which currently do not work.
  4. love these<3 keep up the good work
  5. At Once

    Looting Bag

    I agree I think the price I suggested is high... BUT I am really only looking for this to benefit a small number of niche accounts. If 2k skill pts would be reasonable and benefit other uim I would be on board with that too.
  6. At Once

    Looting Bag

    While going through this series it has made me aware of the very niche plight of the UIM Skiller. While there are few of these accounts and this change would only affect a VERY small portion of the community I don't think that means it should be overlooked. I would personally love to see a way to obtain a looting bag through non combat means. The two ideas I have currently are; Putting the looking bag in skilling shop for 5-10k skill points or putting the looting bag in affinity shop for 5-10k. I think this is would be in line with other changes to the skilling store being all the remaining outfits being 12k ea. I don't thin change would have any impact whatsoever on normal accounts, ironmen or even normal UIM accounts.
  7. At Once

    Collection Log

    I would love if the Collection Log worked so if we purchased skilling outfits or got them from skilling crates (rip) it would be completed on the CL. This would only benefit those who are going for CL completion but why not?
  8. I am starting this thread to display the progression on my restricted UIM. Restrictions I have placed on the account: The Ultimate Ironman Game mode. No banking and no trading. 15x XP Rate 1-99 one skill at a time. This means I can only get experience in one skill at a time until I have reached 99 in said skill. To explain this a little bit further... If I wanted to get 99 RC, the most efficient method from 77-99 is crafting bloods and souls. I would not be able to mine the dense essence because they give mining and crafting experience. This means I will have to get 99 Mining and 99 Crafting prior to starting Runecrafting at all. This also means I am unable to do daily tasks as they often grant experience upon completion. If I inadvertently complete one which grants xp in a skill I have not started I will reset the xp on said skill. The only exception I am making is melee and HP (possibly all combat stats I have not decided yet) To update this I will be doing strength through barbarian fishing I will do attack and HP at the same time Range will be done with Dwarf Cannon Strength will be done through Barbarian Fishing Defense will be done through range Goals: My first goal is to max the account After maxing I will return to this thread to update it with PVM & Collection Log Goals. Progress: This list is in order of completion similar to the ' Stats' portion. Agility: 1-10 Gnome Agility Course 10-20 Draynor Rooftop 20-30 Al-Kharid Rooftop 30-40 Varrock Rooftop 40-50 Canifis Rooftop 50-60 Falador Rooftop 60-70 Seer's Village Rooftop 70-80 Pollnivneach Rooftop 80-90 Prifiddnas & Rellekka Rooftop 90-95 Ardougne Rooftop 95-99 Menophos Finished with only 158 Marks of Grace meaning I will have to return to get the 260 needed for full graceful. Hunter: 1-30 Crimson Swift - Bird Trap 30-55 Tropical Wagtail - Bird Trap 55-65 Grey Chins - Box Trap 65-99 Red Chins - Box Trap 3146 Red Chins Fishing: 1-35 Small Net Fishing at Draynor 35-65 Harpoon Tuna and Swordfish at Fishing Guild 65-94 Karambwan's at Karamja and Donator Skilling Zone 94-99 Sharks at Fishing Guild Cooking 1-94 Raw Karambwan (3110) 94-98 Raw Shark (850) 98-99 Raw Anglerfish (357) Strength 1-15 Rock Crabs with Bronze Scimitar In order to start this skill I will have to use the ;;resetxp command Edit: I ended up locking my HP xp instead of resetting the xp after getting 15 strength. I will have to get 15 strength to start barb fishing. I will do this by killing rock crabs with a bronze scimitar until 15 strength then I will only get strength xp from barb fishing. 15-99 Barbarian Fishing at Otto's Grotto 140k Leaping Fish Theiving? Stats: I will be posting these in the order in which I achieve them. 99 Agility - 6/6/20 99 Hunter - 6/7/20 99 Fishing - 6/8/20 99/99 Cooking - 2/9/21 85/99 Strength - Current Total Level: 508 Current Rank on HS: 30 Total XP: 91.152.359 Hitpoints XP has been locked - 6/8/20 Thank you @stoop for the suggestion Still no Looting Bag Drops: Skilling Items: These will only be logged when stored in POH If you have ANY feedback, suggestions, tips or tricks please post them in the thread below! I am brand new to the UIM game mode and will need all the help I can get. Please suggest what my next skill should be! Last Updated 2/9/21

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