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  1. Birdhouses, an afk way to train Hunter! It's pretty easy and early level requirement so let's get to it! Let's talk about requirements first! You can start the birdhouse runs at level 5 hunter. These are the levels you can do each log with. Level 5 - Normal Logs Level 14 - Oak Logs Level 24 - Willow Logs Level 34 - Teak Logs Level 44 - Maple Logs Level 49 - Mahogany Logs Level 59 - Yew Logs Level 74 - Magic Logs Level 89 - Redwood Logs Birdhouses take approximately 50 minutes to finish. Meaning you can do farm runs and birdhouse runs at the same time. There are 7 Hop Seeds you can get. -Barley -Hammerstone -Asgarnian -Jute -Yanillian -Krandorian -Wildblood Now getting the supplies! Here's what you will need 4x Any log (depending on level requirement) 4x Clockwork 80x Any Hop Seeds (Can be mixed and matched) A Chisel A Hammer To get Hop Seeds, you just need to thieve off of the Master Farmer To get there, go to the teleport crystal - Cities - Draynor Thieve the farmer until you have at least 80 Hop Seeds Now for the Clockwork! Go back to home and head over to the portal to the Northwest and talk to the Estate Agent! Now gather the rest of the items and your inventory should look something like this Use the clockwork on the logs to create the birdhouses Now it's time to head over to the Hunter areas to plant these bad boys. Go over to the teleport crystal - Skilling - Hunter and choose one of these areas. Once you finish, you can go to the other. Quick Teleport - 5, 7, 4 and 5, 7, 5 Let's start with Mushroom Meadow. Once you get there it will look like this. Use the seeds you have on the space. It will take 10 seeds out. Once you have done this, it will now look like this. At this time, use your birdhouse on the platform. This will create the entire birdhouse. Now use the seeds that you have on the birdhouse itself. It will use another 10 seeds. The next birdhouse spot is South. I drew a line on the map so you can see where to run to. At that spot do the exact same thing as the first. Once you finished that, go ahead and teleport over to the next spot and do the same thing there. It's only two more spots right next to each other. Once you've finished that you're done! After time has allotted and you're ready to collect your experience, go back to the birdhouses and right click to empty. I hope this helped you all out and have fun with the afk way to train hunter!
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