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  1. In that case i feel like its in a good area, my point was RNG based diaries are a no no, but since we need 100 kc tob/cox for it then you're bound to have a purple by then.
  2. All seems good but i don't know how to feel about complete RNG diaries, such as loot a purple chest from COX/TOB as its heavily RNG based and if someone goes super unlucky, they could go dry for hundreds of completions without a single purple. Same goes for the colorful slayer helmet, grinding a boss over and over for the recolor is also heavily RNG based. In general i think any RNG required should be replaced/removed by something similar, perhaps finish 50 tob/cox runs etc...
  3. No Support, zulrah isn't a hard boss to beat at all, learning it shouldn't take long as there are guides for it. Needless to say, that plugin sounds like it could just play for you at one point, telling you where to stand what to pray etc... Kills the idea of PVM.
  4. I like the idea of giving it different modes, but yet again i think skilling tasks are in a good place atm.
  5. Support, this would be a nice addition and would make a decent QoL update.
  6. Meliodas


    Some additions to the store in general wouldn't be bad, but i support adding more things for the ironman game mode, something not "grindable" you could say.
  7. So many minor yet impactful QoL updates, thank you tom.
  8. I'm glad we could have events like these every now and then, thanks tom!
  9. I agree, if new players join and they don't find a CC to join for help or for any matter could be a major issue going forwards. Not against making Help 2 though.
  10. Forums seem to be working flawlessly for me but ever since the DDOS attack, i could see how it could be an issue to certain users, i'm sure staff team is working on it.
  11. Hey, welcome back and you'll be a crackhead on how well the server is made Enjoy, seeya around!
  12. Nice vid man, keep it consistent and you'll do great!
  13. I actually really like this, hopefully we can see an increase in players for the next stats with flux
  14. Thanks for the update and its unfortunate how we were hit with the DDOS attacks, keep up the good work tom!
  15. Nice guide for new players, keep it up!

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