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  1. My kids completely and totally fried my laptop, unsaveable.. so I'm looking into a new laptop to buy solely and specifically to keep playing this game.. but on my phone I can't find anywhere that'll say what the games file size is, could one of you relay that info to me please?
  2. well whats the deal then? everybody saying its so easy why have i died literally 47 times with no kc? even with elite void i cant even get it to half health... even with ahrims and serp helm, not even half health. its like my trident goes to 1/4 strength again zulrah
  3. tells you where to stand, what to pray, and what attack style to use for whatever phase zulrah is on. I know its not suppose to be a super difficult boss... but ive spent over 10m gp on buying my items back just for 0kc and im extremely sick of it.
  4. Just RussT

    Add a Plugin

    i just personally want the zulrah helper plugin because i love pvming but i suck something awful at the game and think thatd help quite a bit
  5. i wouldnt say the amount of marks should be changed but the mark of grace droprate should scale to your xp rate. in my opinion anyways.

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