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  1. Love the guide @Level3. Thankyou
  2. True, though look at all the supplies you've got
  3. - Please answer questions truthfully. - Your answers are anonymous. - Please spread the word, tell your friends/family
  4. How did I not know about this before?! Thankyou for your secrets
  5. @Tom Delonge - Thank you for the warm welcome @1 1 - Thanks broski @Derosul - Thankyou boss @Skillen - Thankyou boss, so far so good mate, lovin it! @RFD - This is my favourite RSPS aswell, for so many reasons aswell
  6. Wow! I am blind, thank you
  7. Suggestion: Please add the length of time each seed takes to grow
  8. @Groupies Damn, you caught me @Fepp Thanks for the warm welcome @Bag Hence why I chose the name, couldn't resist going past my favourite drink @Mat Thanks for the warm welcome Again, thank you all for the warm welcomes, I really do appreciate it
  9. Hey guys, - I'm new to this Server. (11/06/2020) - I've been playing RSPS for a very long time. - I'm from AUS. - Love Skilling. - Love PvM. - Can't PvP to save my life. - I'm friendly, though I'm an introvert, so apologies in advance if I don't talk a lot. - I'll tell you the truth, I don't lie. (I don't beat around the bush)
  10. Congratulations to those who have been successful in becoming a staff member or being promoted to a higher rank in the staff team. Unfortunate for those who haven't been successful, hope they were provided with constructive feedback.

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