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  1. Hello everyone, Here are the patch notes for today's update Theatre of Blood Changes Pestilent Bloat When walking, Bloat will now do 4-6 turns before going down When running, Bloat will now do 4-8 turns before going down Nylocas Fixed bug where spawns would get stuck on the web path Defence bonus on spawns lowered to 0 Added tag mechanic to spawns. If a big spawn is hit before reaching the room, they will not spawn the smaller spiders on death Xarpus Exhume limit now is equal to either (party size - 1) or 1 (whichever is greater) Exhumes now last 16 ticks Exhumes spawn every 4 ticks Speed at which exhume spits out their healing projectile now scales based on party size Size 5: 2 projectiles per tick Size 4: 1 projectile per tick Size 3: 1 projectile per 2 ticks Size 2: 1 projectile per 3 ticks Size 1: 1 projectile per 4 ticks Amount each exhume projectile heals now scales based on party size Size 5: 6 hp Size 4: 9 hp Size 3: 12 hp Size 2: 16 hp Size 1: 20 hp Speed at which Xarpus spits out poison at players increased (is now faster) Verzik Vitur Amount of common nylocas spawns now scales based on party size (n=party size) Fixed tile where Verzik stands during Phase 3 web shooting attack Improved path/touch check for exploding Nylocas spawns LVP system Party members who die within the raid now have a lower chance of getting the purple chest, if one were received at the end of said raid. Each death will decrease your roll weight by 15% Other Fixed transition text not appearing when entering rooms within the Theatre of Blood Party board now shows the proper Completion/kill count for Theatre of Blood runs Yin-yang death within the Theatre of Blood will now decrease the group's stats Run completion requirements for Sinhaza capes lowered to 100, 200, 300, 400, and 500 respectively. LVP system from Theatre of Blood implemented onto Sands of Avarice Added missing attack sounds for Crystal/Corrupted halberd (normal attacks and special attacks) Twisted bow Godswords (non-smash attack styles and special attacks) Longswords (lunge attack style) Arclight (special attack) Added attack animation for halberd and hasta weapons when player is wielding an off-hand item Improved pathing for Grotesque Guardian attack Attempt to fix Nightmare instance join bug (not able to join someone's instance) Added Corrupt pickaxe as a valid replacement for Dragon pickaxe for Clue scrolls Fixed Skill selection interface disabling skills when you had slayer tasks Added Agility shortcut near Crafting guild to get to the nearby peninsula Fixed issue that marked Harmonised nightmare staff (i) and Brimstone ring (i) as tradeable Reverted Toxic blowpipe attack range increase, except while inside the Chambers of Xeric
  2. Hello, Tonight's patch consists of a lot of Chambers of Xeric changes as well as the ability to transfer your donations between your own accounts Can now transfer donation amount between your accounts Initiate the transfer by using ::transfer Can only send and receive transfers a total of 3 times In the near future we may add a bond in the Sacrifice Well and ;;store to allow for more transfers You can choose how much of your donation amount you want to transfer Chamber of Xeric changes Dark relic added as a possible reward on same table as torn prayer scroll Storage units Added Massive storage unit Added 2 x plank spawns near all storage unit hotspots If you have previously built a storage unit in a hotspot, upgrading it will take into account the materials you've already spent Boulder shortcut has been added to Scavenger rooms Tekton now strictly drops 2 x Overload(+)(4) 1 x Revitalisation(+)(4) 1 x Prayer enhance(+)(4) Guardians now strictly drop Guardian 1: 1 x Overload(+)(4) 1 x Revitalisation(+)(4) Guardian 2: 1 x Overload(+)(4) 1 x Prayer enhance(+)(4) Vasa Glowing crystal base hitpoints decreased: 200 >>> 116 Fixed bug where Vasa remains attackable whilst healing from the crystal Vespula Increased Abyssal portal's magic level to 242 Ice demon +50% increased damage on Ice demon when attacked by Fire spells, Flames of Zamorak, and Harmonised staff (i)'s auto attack Fixed bug where you need an open inventory spot to receive kindling even if you already had them in your inventory Tightrope Scale ranger and mager stats based on party size (non Challenge-mode only) Vanguards Movement speed now faster when changing positions (Challenge-Mode only) Thieving room Cavern grubs are now stackable Base points per grub decreased: 250 >>> 150 Reduced likelihood of poison chests Olm Fixed bug where OIm would periodically change empowerment in a single phase (i.e would be able to use deep burn even if he rose with the power of acid) Fixed bug where doused flames would still cause damage if you stood on top of where the flame used to be Portals will no longer teleport you inside the flame wall during solo runs Increased attack range for Toxic blowpipe and Magma blowpipe: 5 >>> 6 Allow all game modes (used to only be for HCI) to instantly x-log while outside of the Wilderness Fixed oversight that didn't allow Corrupted halberd to bypass Corporeal Beast's shield Fixed issue causing double charge to be used on certain tridents Fixed issue causing Yin-Yang to be able to pick up items they weren't supposed to Removed distance check when being frozen by magic spells Amethyst darts are now un-noteable Client has been updated with the tab fix (to reply to pms)
  3. Hello everyone, Some QoL additions and bug fixes for tonight's patch Yin-yang changes Sacrifice Well points and perk are now shared between partners Charge 15m fee when changing XP rate (after initial free of charge change) Added Corrupted halberd as reward in Gauntlet shop 500 points & crystal halberd trade-in cost Exact mechanics as crystal variant except with unlimited charges Added Amethyst darts and dart tips You can craft tips by using amethyst on a chisel You can craft darts by using feather on the tips Marked some items as deprecated denoted by the suffix (d) on the item. This means that the item will be replaced when you wield/wear it with a new version of the item that has a proper placeholder in the bank Amulet of blood torture Harmonised nightmare staff (i) Brimstone ring (i) Magma blowpipe (empty and charged) All God whips All Completionist capes Corrupted pickaxe, axe, and harpoon Added bank placeholder for the following Dragonfire shields Dragonfire ward shields Ancient wyvern shields Instance creation fee for the following will now take fee from bank if player does not have cash in inventory Nightmare Cerberus God Wars Dungeon bosses Catacombs (Abyssal, Nechryels, Dagannoths) Kruk's dungeon Lizard shamans Corporeal Beast Catacomb instances moved as an option from the dark Altar to the Sorceress Skotizo dark Altar now has a "Claim" option to claim lost items within Skotizo instance Label Haromised nightmare staff (i) as trident (attack styles, attack range, etc) Valuable drop broadcasts now include noted variant of items Fixed Magma blowpipe ignoring loaded dart ranged bonuses Bludgeon pieces are now broadcast form Font of Consumption Fixed Scorpion king cocoon eating animation Added Insatiable mutated bloodveld superior spawn for Mutated bloodvelds within Catacombs of Kourend
  4. Hello everyone, Quick update to patch a couple of bugs Changes to Yin-Yang Allow group to attack superior slayer mobs spawned by their partner XP loss death penalty now scales based on group's XP rate (https://i.imgur.com/GrUbxU6.png) Fixed issue with loot piles being inconsistent/incorrect when on same tile Fixed issue with Hitpoints XP conversion on Yin-Yang death Added new Arceuus reanimation spell functionality Added ability to pickpocket Tzhaar-Hur Added ability to steal from the Shop counter (ore) and Shop counter (gem) located in Mor Ul Rek Added Mythical cape and Mythical max cape to Perdu's Lost Property shop Fixed issue where Graardor and Zilyana wouldn't use their magic attacks in their corresponding instanced room Fixed issue that did not allow Completionist cape and Royal sceptre to be worn through inventory Fixed issue where force running (ctrl + map click) would work even when player had 0 run energy Fixed issue where run energy would start increasing as if not running while force running Fixed issue where uncharging a full Trident of the seas wouldn't refund runes Fixed Harmonised nightmare staff (i) unintended mechanics (50% damage multiplier should only be for its auto attack) Reverted the pay-dirt change from last patch Disabled ability to note Gravekeeper's sceptre in bank Removed Slayer enchantment from drop broadcasts Always drop Toxic staff of the dead on death (was an issue when fully charged)
  5. Hello everyone, Today's patch consists of the brand new game modes: Yin-Yang and Hardcore Ultimate Ironman modes. We are also making core changes to our custom items, npcs, and objects (for example: Khufu npc, God whip items, Well of Sacrifice object). If there are any visual bugs with any custom item/npc/object, please report it on discord #bugs channel and I will fix ASAP. Added Yin-Yang mode: Ironman restrictions Select a partner through "Invite" right-click option on other players Must be < 200 total level to choose a new partner When group is formed, the leader's (player who invited) stats will be split in half and invitee player will copy those split stats/XP If partner leaves your group, they will lose all their XP and items. The leader will double their current group stats XP All XP gained by either player in the group will be split between both players. Even if one of them is offline, they will still receive the XP While both group members are in the same area: Any damage received to either will be split and shared with their partner Most boss/npc killcounts will increase and shared with their partner (though partner will not have their broadcast every 100 kills, etc) Members of a group can interact with one another (but no one else) Trading Duo slayer Any item dropped by either of the members will show up instantly for the other (this includes npc drops) Anyone outside of the group will never see their drops Prison Pete near home can Reset all stats for Yin-Yang players without a group Allow you to leave your current group Added Hardcore Ultimate Ironman Same restrictions as both Hardcore Ironman and Ultimate Ironman Attack speed for Hasta weapons changed from 5 ticks >>> 4 ticks Attack speed for Mace weapons changed from 5 ticks >>> 4 ticks Attack speed for Spear weapons changed from 6 ticks >>> 4 ticks Fixed bug that reset Hitpoints when changing XP rate Cancel interaction with npcs and objects if player is too far away Framework for custom items, npcs, and objects has been reworked. If you notice any issue with custom content, please report it on Discord #bugs channel
  6. Tom

    Bug Fixes

    Hello everyone, Tonight's patch consists mainly of bug fixes, however, it will also add new game modes (not available to public yet) so they can be tested by a few players. Added Hardcore Ultimate Ironman game mode (not publicly available) Added Yin-Yang game mode (not publicly available) Fixed entangle/freeze magic spells not working on npcs (such as Puro Puro implings) Fixed interaction distances being weird with non-combat npcs that are moving Brimstone ring (i) is now untradeable Looting bag untradeables now sent to Perdu Fixed Teleport Nexus' "Favorite" prioritized option not working Fixed bug where HCI resetting their account would have their public chat disabled until they relogged Removed Rune packs from Ironman General Store Added Nature, Cosmic, Law, and Astral runes to Ironman General Store
  7. Hello everyone, This patch is mainly to fix a bug with NPC pathing for big mobs such as Verzik Vitur and Pestilent Bloat. Rework attack bound distance and allow players to attack mobs that are moving away from them. Fix Ranger boots drop rate from Hard, Elite, and Master clue caskets. Health requirement for Divine potions increased from 10 >>> 11. Health requirement for Overload potions increased from 50 >>> 51.
  8. Hello everyone, Today's patch consists mainly of the new Completionist Guild. Completionist Guild added Can access guild via Completionist Cape's "Comp. Guild" teleport option Can set your home as Comp. Guild via Financial Wizard Frozen rejuvenation pool can be used to replenish your energy/stats (similar to one at home) without a cooldown Teleport Nexus acts similar to the Teleporter at home, however, some bosses have a different teleport destination: Abyssal Sire: different teleport spots for each room Cerberus: different teleport spots for each room God Wars Dungeon: different teleport for each boss room Following bosses have closer teleport destinations: Alchemical Hydra Zulrah Vorkath Thermonucleur Dust Devil King Black Dragon Fix issue with Skill Selection interface having Herblore and Runecrafting "disabled" Fix issue with morph items such as Easter ring/Ring of stone showing a weird Soul Wars interface
  9. Hello everyone, Couple of fixes from last patch as well as an updated Pet Insurance interface for Probita. Probita has a new Pet Insurance system. Fixed the Antique Lamp and Skill Task skill selection interface being mixed with the Settings interface. Fixed the Dagannoth King ladder not working. Fixed the Accept Aid setting not working properly. Fixed Theatre of Blood reward interface not showing the items (visual). Fixed visual bug that didn't allow certain magic spells to stay lit in spellbook tab. Flame wall Olm special attack will now only deal damage within the walls instead of on the walls.
  10. Hello everyone, Tonight's update consists of many things, including updating our cache to the latest revision (195). With this change we will add new content such as Tempoross in one of the upcoming patches. Upgrade from cache revision 192 >>> 195 Added a new Lost Property shop for Perdu Added more untradeable items that will be collected by Perdu Items from your inventory can be used on Perdu to store them in his shop Implemented updated Collection log Implemented updated Settings tab Updated new Make-over mage interface Add right-click equipment options for all Completionist capes Allow for players to choose their own boss spawn countdown timer for Dominion Zone (3-10 seconds) Spider's in Maiden of Sugadinti's room will now move towards one tile to converge before going towards the boss Salve amulet(ei) dropped within Theatre of Blood Bloat room will go directly to Perdu Decreased POH load time by 1 tick Tag more elemental staves for use with the appropriate sac perk Added Rada's blessing 1-4 (only teleport functionality has been added) Can now use rune pouch, combination runes and staves for the Lectern to create tabs instead of runes having to be in the inventory Slayer's enchantment is now dropped while on Wilderness assignment Added Slayer's staff (e) Buffed Herbi drop rate from potion brewing and herb cleaning Added Achievement diary cape emote You can no longer deposit pay-dirt in to the hopper if the wheel is broken Fixed Iron Gauntlet perk tick graphic not working properly Edited Pet Collector and Equilibrium perk description Added well of good will coins to sacrifice special supply tab Fixed Group ironman interface star icon not showing properly Fixed bank filled slots on top left not showing up
  11. Hello everyone, Couple bug fixes and QoL for today's patch. Max XP in all skills increased from 200m to 1000m (1b). Buffed Zalcano Crystal tool seed drop rate. 1/100 >>> 1/75. MVP now has 2 rolls for the Crystal tool seed. Amulet of blood fury and Amulet of blood torture now have a proc graphic on the target. Aphek's khopesh (u) Strength bonus buffed. +70 >>> +89 Ancestral color kit drop rate buffed in Chambers of Xeric: Challenge Mode. 1/50 >>> 1/20. Blade of Saeldor (c) drop rate buffed in Corrupted Gauntlet. 1/2000 >>> 1/500. Added bridge and climbing stones near the Soul Altar for faster access. Added adamant gloves drop to Paladins. Nerfed Vasa stat scaling in Chambers of Xeric. Fixed bug with Collection Log sometimes not showing the correct amount of items you have logged. Fixed Green Thumb perk not giving correct XP within the Farming Guild. Servant should no longer give players dwarf remains when taking logs to the sawmill. Servant now spawns next to player when entering house to avoid it becoming stuck in furniture. Tagged the following monsters as demons allowing demonbane weapons to work on them (such as Arclight): Cerberus Flaming pyrelord Porazdir Icefiend Waterfiend Pyrefiend Imp Allowed the following items to be sacrificed in Well: Blade of Saeldor (c): 1000 points Boss Jars: 420 points Steam battlestaff: 150 points
  12. Hello everyone, Couple of fixes as well as the addition of the Seed Vault in Farming Guild. Seed Vault can now be used to store seeds. Accessible by Ultimate Ironman Fixed issue with some clients being stuck on "Loading Interfaces." If you are running into an issue loading the client, please delete your cache located at: %userprofile%/.oldschool 200 Corrupted gauntlet runs added to Completionist cape wear requirements. Dragonhunter crossbow can now be offered as a non-ironman to the Sacrifice well. Ancestral color kit rate buffed in Chambers of Xeric: Challenge Mode from 1/50 >>> 1/20 Normal Chamber of Xeric runs now state the scaling (if one was input). Fixed Green Thumb sacrifice perk: was giving less herbs than it was supposed to. Warning has been added to Brother Tranquility before choosing a God. Iorwerth camp vine shortcut has been added. Changes to Crystal impling jar loot: Old loot: Amulet of power (x5-7) Crystal acorn (x1) Crystal shard (x5-10) Dragonstone amulet Dragonstone (x2) Ruby bolt tips (x50-125) Onyx bolt tips (x6-10) Rune arrowtips (x150-250) Rune arrow (x400-750) Rune javelin heads (x20-60) Rune dart tip (x25-75) Rune dart (x50-100) Dragon dart tip (x10-15) Dragon dagger (x2) Rune scimitar (x3-6) Babydragon bones (x75-125) Ranarr seed (x3-8) Yew seed (x1) New loot: Crystal shard (x10-15) Amulet of glory (x10) Dragonstone (x10) Ruby bolt tips (x50-100) Onyx bolt tips (x100-150) Rune arrowtips (x150-250) Rune arrow (x400-750) Dragon arrow (x50-100) Rune dart tip (x50-100) Dragon dart tip (x25-50) Dragon dagger (x5) Rune scimitar (x5-10) Babydragon bones (x100-150) Ranarr seed (x5-10) Yew seed (x1) Magic seed (x1) Snapdragon seed (x3-5)
  13. Sacrifice Points and Perks have been released. You can earn points by throwing specific items into the Well of Sacrifice west of home. You can view the list of items that are accepted and their respective price by using the "Offer-to" option on the well. You can purchase perks and item rewards with these Sacrifice points by using the "Pray-at" option on the well. Items dropped by Ironman will no longer appear for others. This does not currently apply for PvP death, however it will in the future.
  14. Hello everyone, Tonight's patch consists of a new minigame: The Gauntlet. This minigame is not beginner friendly and requires some level of effort to actually complete. Along with this feature, we are also adding some extra steps to gaining the BIS stats of Aphek's khopesh. This patch requires a client update for some visual changes. Be sure to restart your client for it to be updated. The Gauntlet has been added Two modes available: Normal and Corrupted. Only need to defeat the Hunllef (boss). Non-safe death for HCI with the caveat that HCI with under 15 Normal Gauntlet runs will not lose their status on death. Can teleport within the instance. As you damage/defeat the boss, you will gain points. These points can be used to upgrade the gear you start with on every Gauntlet run, or can be used to upgrade/buy items from Bryn in the lobby area. Deal 25% damage to Hunllef: 2 points (Normal) - 5 points (Corrupted) Deal 50% damage to Hunllef: 2 points (Normal) - 5 points (Corrupted) Deal 75% damage to Hunleff: 2 points (Normal) - 5 points (Corrupted) Defeat the Hunllef: 4 points (Normal) - 10 points (Corrupted) These points are incremented by 1 if you have an XP rate of 5 or below Start with default gear/supplies (T1 weapons, 10 food, 1 potion). Can use the Tool storage in the middle of the room to upgrade the gear and start with more supplies (food/pots). By defeating the Hunllef you will also be given the chance to loot the chest in the Gauntlet lobby. The table can be found here: https://pastebin.com/4sEhwzet Upgrades from Bryn require the Crystal item equivalent and will provide infinite charges to said item. They also require gauntlet points to upgrade. Next update there will be a Completionist cape requirement of completing 200 Gauntlet runs. Aphek's khopesh has been turned into Aphek's khopesh (u). This is a nerfed version of the normal khopesh. By using an Inquisitor's mace on the khopesh (u) you can create an Aphek's khopesh (m). By using a Blade of Saeldor on the khopesh (u) you can create an Aphek's khopesh (b). By using the blade on khopesh (m) or mace on khopesh (b) you can create the normal Aphek's khopesh. Added Cape of skulls and Rain bow items to Easy clue scroll rewards Bird houses now give tree seed bird nests instead of empty ones. Can now use "Empty" option on Rune pouch within the bank. Can now pickpocket master farmer in Farming guild. Plank make spell is now automated on selected plank in inventory. Jewellery enchant spell is now automated on selected jewellery in inventory. Can now use smouldering stone or regular tools on their infernal tool variant to recharge. You can now sell items from the Blood money store to Sigmund. Removed unreachable gold ore rock in Donator zone. Added missing rock in Enchanted valley area. 3rd age rewards from the Mimic are now broadcasted. Can now request an easier contract from the Farming guild.
  15. Hello everyone, Tonight's patch is a bit heavy when it comes to the backend stuff. This update includes a rework on the script/content system. As some of you are aware, some "long-lived" scripts, such as CoX rooms, occasionally run into issues where they suddenly "stop working". The rework should either completely fix the issue, or at least help me identify what the issue is. Bare with us if there are any problems, I will fix them asap. With this patch, we are also adding the Farming Guild and the content that comes along with it. Added Farming Guild Teleport can be found in Teleport panel > Skilling > Farming >Farming Guild Can receive a farming contract from Guildmaster Jane Can receive Hespori seed, which can then be used to fight the Hespori boss (8 hour grow time) Can plant every patch within the Farming Guild Does not require X level to access different sections of the guild Seed vault is currently disabled (have to make a decision with an existing piece of content before adding the vault) Added Hardwood farm trees Can be found in Teleport panel > Skilling > Farming > Fossil Island Hardcore Ironman can now x-log/disconnect while in combat outside of the Wilderness. This means that if your internet goes out, your character should instantly log out Pest Control event has been removed from the Well of Good Will Defence requirements for prayers have been removed only while outside of the Wilderness Second blood shard while wearing rogue outfit will now drop on ground if pickpocketed from Vyres instead of vanishing. Fixed Dagonhai robe top not being given from Larren's chest Additional items will now be converted and dropped on death in wilderness (crystal tools, amulet of blood fury, twisted ancestral armour, volatile/harmonised/eldritch staff, neitiznot faceguard, anguish/tormented (or), sanguinesti staff, scythe of vitur, tome of fire, pegasian boots (or))

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