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  1. Hello everyone, Couple of highly-requested changes for this patch. Just to keep everyone in the loop, I'm thinking that the next big content patch will involve Gauntlet. Anyway, on to the patch notes: Sands of Avarice General Only party leader may start the raid Stats are now replenished when leaving the raid via the rope in the sarcophagus room Added "Sandy brew" potions. Similar to Saradomin brew, except they heal +19, do not reduce stats - reduce 3 prayer points instead, and cannot be used outside of Sands of Avarice Supply chest no longer gives random loot, but instead always gives 2 sharks 2 sandy brews 1 super restore Atem Removed unnecessary rooms around the general area Scorpion King Distance from middle of room to tunnels has been decreased Sibuna Now consists of 4 phases as opposed to 3 Phase 1 (start): 1 tank spawn for left pillar Phase 2 (75% hp): 2 tank spawns for right pillar Phase 3 (50% hp): 2 tank spawns for left pillar and 1 tank spawn for right pillar Phase 4 (25% hp): [4 + (party size * 2)] healer spawns for Sibuna Tank scarabs health now scales +90 per party member (90 for solo, 180 for duo, etc) Healer scarabs health is now a flat 60 for all party sizes Well of good will Old coin Renamed to "Raid coin" 10-hour cooldown Equal chance to start any of the three raid events Diversion coin 6-hour cooldown Equal chance to start any of the following events Skill XP Multiplier (Non-combat) Pest Control Zalcano Wintertodt General There is now 3 types of cooldowns on the well. Each type can turn on an event back-to-back as long as an event isn't ongoing. (i.e you can toss a raid coin and once the event is over, a diversion coin or 1k tokens can be used to start the respective event) Raid coin cooldown: set when raid coin is used Diversion coin cooldown: set when diversion coin is used Token cooldown: set when 1k oldschool tokens are used Theatre of Blood event multiplier changed: 2.0x >> 1.5x Changed weightings for server events triggered by voting Skill XP Multiplier (Non-combat): 25.81% Pest Control: 25.81% Zalcano: 14.52% Wintertodt: 14.52% Nightmare: 14.52% Chambers of Xeric: 1.61% Theatre of Blood: 1.61% Sands of Avarice: 1.61% Fix pathing when attacking certain npcs Before: https://i.imgur.com/VExNDeN.gif After: https://i.imgur.com/X2Aw9wR.gif Added padding in between instances to try and solve some issues where instances sometimes collide by being too close (hard to test on my own, but will keep an eye to make sure it's working properly) Increased health bar size for npcs Max health above 200: Small >> Medium Max health above 400: Medium >> Large Disease damage dealt to Xarpus will no longer trigger his rage attack Different Ironmen mode now have the same shop (UIM/HCI used to have a different store than normal Ironman) You must now complete all Easy, Medium, Hard, and Elite achievements in order to purchase Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, and Tier 4 achievement gear respectively You can now obtain multiple/different God capes in the Mage bank Increased duration in between Minnow spots moving from 15 seconds >> 30 seconds Added +6 prayer bonus to Completionist capes Pest control points per win have been restored back to their previous state (we doubled the points a while back to try and solve the "only doing pc on event" issue) You can now use Dwarf multicannon in Kalphite cave (not in KQ area) Fixed bug where Wintertodt events would start Slayer point event instead You must now be inside the Wilderness in order to attack Glod Added Edgeville to City teleports
  2. Changed drop rate weighting for Sand of Avarice unique rewards Medjai's headdress - 21.05% Medjai's chaps - 21.05% Medjai's trench - 21.05% Dagger of Athiri - 15.79% Aphek's Khopesh - 10.53% Gravekeeper's sceptre - 10.53% Added a 0.5x XP rate Can only select this rate if you're maxed on 1x XP rate (99 in all skills) by talking to the OldSchool Guide and selecting to change your XP rate New players will now join "Help Chat 2" if Help Chat 1 is full Added announcement for completing all achievements Added missing Skoto pet dialogue Can no longer grind crystal shard with a full inventory Cutting Sacred eels is now automatic, similar to Infernal eels Added ;;sotd command that leads to the Skill of the Day forum thread Corrected equipment bonuses for Imbued colour slayer helmets Max cape now costs 2.2m when using the "Trade" option for Mac Buying the Max cape through Mac's "Trade" option now gives the Max hood as well Completionist cape now costs 4.5m Purchasing the Completionist cape for the first time will announce your achievement Chance of receiving bond from voting has been buffed: 1/100 >> 1/65 Attempt to fix bug with Sibuna healer scarab Fixed issue causing Grotesque Guardian killcount to reset Fixed issue causing Pegasian ornament kit and Metamorphic dust being tradeable Fixed issue that didn't allow players to put down the max amount of box traps Fixed oversight that didn't allow Vorkath to drop Vorki pet Fixed issue that didn't count Zamorak minion towards KC within the instance
  3. Hello everyone, Short list of bug fixes for tonight's patch Fixed Achievements "Equip item" achievements String magic shortbow String dragonstone amulet Craft crystal tool Solo the Nightmare Solo CoX within 25 minutes Added item variants for "Equip item" achievements Ava's assembler >> Assembler max cape Imbued god capes >> Imbued god max capes Fire cape >> Fire max cape Hire a servant achievement will auto-complete on login if you had a servant before the achievement was released Gravekeeper's sceptre non built-in spell (i.e attacking with ancient spells) attacks now have an attack delay of 5 ticks instead of 4 Gravekeeper sceptre is now categorized as a Trident weapon (has same attack styles as other tridents) Sand of Avarice unique drop rate buffed: 1/14 >> 1/12 Khufu's base hp has been decreased by 30% Khufu's magic max hit decreased: 50 >> 40 Khufu's protection prayer penetration decreased: 40% >> 30% Using Old coin on the WOGW will allow you to halve the 4-hour cooldown (2-hour cooldown) Added a 7.5k point cap when burning kindling in Ice demon room Ironman can now trade Mac
  4. 25%, fixed on the thread
  5. Hello everyone, I was being asked about our next bond promotion, so decided to do a quick one-week promotion for the start of Fall in America. All bonds will give +25% credit + donator rank bonus. When will the promotion start? Right now, as of posting this thread When will the promotion end? The promotion will end on September 25 (one week)
  6. Hello everyone, Lot of changes we've been excited about for a while now, including a new completionist cape you can grind for, and a lot of requested Raid changes Completionist capes have been added 3 variants Red: 50 XP rate requirement Black: 15 XP rate requirement White: 5 XP rate requirement You can purchase any of the capes as long as your XP rate is equal to or less than the XP rate requirement The higher tier capes can be converted into the lower tier colors through right-click > Features > Convert Has the perks from all the skillcapes that have perks available Ava's assembler ammo pick-up passive Can be purchased from Mac by right-click > Trade Requirements can be read from the Completionist book which can be purchased from the General store (trying to purchase the cape without the requirements will also prompt if you would like to receive the book) Achievements have been completely reworked Achievements that will keep previous progress Pledge to a god Equip a fire cape Equip an infernal cape Loot 50 barrows chest Added a new "Master" achievement tier Chambers of Xeric Can now set custom party size scaling by right clicking the entrance > "Set-scaling" Example: if you set a scaling of 5, your raids will now populate as if 5 players were in your party, even when less than 5 are in it Raid will choose between your custom scaling, or the amount of members in your party, which ever one is higher (this means you can only upscale your scaling) Scale value will save even if you log out Only the party leader's custom scaling will take affect Points per damage no longer depend on the party's average combat level. It is now either 9 for anyone with an XP rate of 5 or below 8 for anyone else Increased points per Crab in the Crab room: 125 >> 500 Fixed Vespula's "downed" phase not dropping items properly Ice demon kindling is now stackable Theatre of Blood Runs with deaths now have a unique drop rate of 1/9 as opposed to 1/8 Sands of Avarice Base health on bosses increased in solos by 30% Base health on bosses decreased in parties 2 members: 2.00 >> 1.75 3 members: 3.00 >> 2.50 4 members: 4.50 >> 3.25 5 members: 5.00 >> 4.00 If all members of a party die, the party will fail, no matter if the boss dies afterwards Scorpion king can no longer have its stats reduced by effects such as DWH/EWH special Scorpion king can no longer attack players that are in the dead players' jail with its poison attack Sibuna is now immune to damage while healer scarabs are alive Gravekeeper's sceptre has been changed Removed +5 magic damage bonus Attack speed: 5 >> 4 ticks Base max hit now matches Trident of the Swamp Charge-based, built-in spell Charged with 1 Wrath rune and 1 Earth rune Magic damage on undead: +25% >> +15% Ignore enemy's magic defence level Well of good will Added "Old coin" to ;;store which will instantly fill the well Can no longer deposit tokens while an event is ongoing Can now use OldSchool tokens, or Old coin, on the well to deposit them Server events removed PvM Points Skilling Points Slayer Points Added a Drop rate boost scroll in ;;store Boosts all drop rates by +5% (stacks with other modifiers and can be seen in ;;droprate) Each scroll lasts 30 minutes (can stack scroll times) Mage void accuracy nerfed from 45% to 25% Updated Amethyst mine map in Mining guild Toggle to view KDR overlay through Emblem trader Fruit tree growth timer made twice as fast Fixed fruit trees showing as incorrect variants after certain stages Added Edgeville wilderness lever behind Oziach's store building Previous auto-casted spells no longer load when switching weapons in the Wilderness Removed the "Have you solved the riddle?" confirmation dialogue from clue scroll npcs Removed splitbark body requirement from Ancient cavern stash unit Added missing Edgeville general store stash unit Added Adamant gloves drop to Adamant dragons Added Metamorphic dust to TOB and SOA collection log Added placeholder for uncharged Sanguinesti staff Giant mole now respawns after 10 seconds Fixed graphics for Slayer and Farming cape emotes ;;xppenalty command has been removed as it's no longer useful Increased follow distance for various npcs in Catacombs Dust devils Dagannoths Warped jelly Greater nechryael Removed items from Muggers' drop table Bronze bolts Mine rune Earth rune Water rune Bronze med helm Fishing bait Copper ore
  7. Hello everyone, Couple of changes for tonight's patch. We'll be looking to do some of the last changes to Raids 3, to hopefully start on a new raids in the near future. Sand of Avarice Heka Sand tornado can now appear on either side of the bridge Sand tornado x-coord on the bridge can now vary Atem Removed ability to teleblock Atem; instead, Atem will not teleport around while frozen Guaranteed to freeze Atem with specific Magic attack bonus (https://i.imgur.com/9A0F6kA.png) Added a 3x3 portal attack that will attack a random player in the Normal realm with a frequency of 30 seconds to 1 minute Anyone caught within the 3x3 area will be taken to the Shadow realm and be dealt half of their current hp in damage Increased chance of mining blood diamond Mining blood diamond will no longer teleport to Shadow realm Reduce chance for Atem to perform its freeze attack Reduce magic overhead protection for Atem magic attack from 80% to 60% Scorpion King Poison attack now targets all players in range Cocoon lighting now has a max limit on "lighting ticks" performed based on the player's firemaking level. Lighting ticks are currently equal to 4 game ticks (2.4 seconds). Note that there is still a 1/3 chance of lighting every lighting tick on any firemaking level 80-84: 5 lighting ticks 85-89: 4 lighting ticks 90-94: 3 lighting ticks 95+: 2 lighting ticks Sibuna Tank scarabs will no longer have Healer scarabs spawned for them Tank scarabs now deal a guaranteed 5-10 damage on their pillar target Changed ranged attack projectile to visually match its damage potential Fixed bug where deactivated obelisks would show as a mirror Khufu Added an extra +1 tick delay before Fire breathe attack begin shooting forward Decrease time that Fire spread attack stays on the ground by 4 game ticks Added new server events which can be triggered by votes and WOGW Slayer 2x point event PvM 2x point event Skill 2x point event Slayer perks "Seeing red" & "Mith me, mith me" slayer perks merged in to 1 perk "Ada'mind some more" & "RUUUUUNE" slayer perk merged in to 1 perk Added "Rev it up" extension which extends Revenant slayer tasks Added "Hail Hydra" perk which automatically notes Hydra bones while killed on a Slayer assignment "Hail hydra", "Rev it up" & "Ada'mind some more RUUUUUNE" are disable-able Nightmare instance will now count as a 'big map' which increases the render distance for npcs (fixes charge attack sometimes not showing Nightmare as you are too far away) Ironman can no longer buy items from the OldSchool Token Store Ironman can now buy Snake weed for 20k in their respective Ironman store Can now use Infernal pickaxes and crystal pickaxes for clue scrolls that require dragon pickaxe Can now use god whips for clue scrolls that require abyssal whip God halos can now be used in GWD for removing aggression Added sound for quick-prayer toggle Fixed the wrong item ids for palm tree seed and dragonfruit tree seed being required for farming Zalcano kill count is now incremented before dropping its loot (so loot broadcasts will have accurate KC) Added spellbook verification when casting magic spells Added Fruit tree teleports in Farming category Filter out some bad characters from Discord names for #help-chat functionality Added Ironman icons for #help-chat Divine potions are now reset when staking Can now use Golden tinderbox for Ice demon CoX room Can now use Golden tinderbox for POH incense burners Attempt to fix the bug where Rejuvenation pool in POH would sometimes bug and be downgraded Increased health bar size for Vorkath Fixed the clue scroll dig tile for the Varrock mine Fixed bug where you could wear 2h and a shield with presets while having full bank Fixed issue with Game notification setting Removed unfinished lizard hunting code
  8. Hello everyone, Tonight's patch consist of the much awaited Well of Good Will OldSchool tokens have been added You can exchange some common items to the OldSchool guide at home for these tokens and then buy items from his shop Items that can be sold for OldSchool tokens: https://pastebin.com/N8kmSjxp Well of good will has been added Located outside of the General store Requires 1000 OldSchool tokens to turn on a random event (same weighting as vote events) Cooldown of 4 hours per event Ancient shards have been added to the PvM store (price: 100 points) You can now use Ferocious gloves on the machinery in Lithkren vault to turn them back into hydra leather Fixed bug where temporary ban list for clan chats wouldn't trigger sometimes Game Notifications in the options tab has been added. Drop values can be enabled/disabled under the Game tab filter option Messages sent in the help chat ingame now appear in #help-chat channel Players can use this channel to communicate and help new players ;;players, ;;topic, and ;;staff commands are also added to the discord bot Changes to Wintertodt supply crates Increased coin quantity per roll: 30-50k -> 50k-80k Removed Saltpetre roll Removed Dynamite roll Unique item rate changes Dragon axe: 1/10k -> 1/2.5k Phoenix: 1/5k -> 1/2.5k Tome of fire: 1/1k -> 1/600 Warm gloves, Bruma torch, Pyromancer piece: 1/150 -> 1/50 Added the following lunar spells String jewellery Super glass make Tan leather Using Jewellery enchantment spells will now re-open the spellbook tab Fruit tree farming has been added Fixed bug with Volatile and Eldritch staff specials that allowed them to be instant attacks Fixed Vote passives not using the correct vote counter to check if player should have a passive available Demonic gorillas can no longer stack on top of one another Fixed the answer for the medium clue "How many ships are there docked at Port Sarim currently?" Corrected the range and magic attack bonuses for Black mask (i) Added bolt effect for Onyx dragon bolt Uncharging Scythe of vitur will now refund the corresponding blood runes Can now configure value threshold for alchemy warnings Fixed bug where Spellbook swap spell wouldn't consume the required runes The recoil variants of Ring of suffering have been added Adjusted spawn locations for Commander Zilyana in instances Fixed visual bugs on coal bag where storing noted coal would be named "null" and items in the chatbox dialogue wouldn't be correct Buffed spawn rate on Superior slayer monsters while wearing Eternal slayer ring (1/200 -> 1/170) Wilderness swords now have their equipment configs (attack animation, walk animations, etc) Zulrah coin drops are now collected by Ring of wealth You can now wear Granite ring properly You can now disable the Basilocked slayer perk Fixed a bug where Duo slayer partners (the player who did not talk to the master and get the task) wouldn't be able to get Brimstone key drops Fixed Wintertodt event tagging the wrong role on Discord There is now a RuneLite client notification on receiving PMs Added XP rate input box for Skill calculator plugin Fixed the visual item requirement on clue scroll plugin for "Blow a kiss outside K'ril Tsutsaroth's chamber" clue
  9. I like the new events. I don't see a point in the skilling categories. If the point is to make certain ones more common than others, I don't think it's something we can objectively do since everyone has different skills to train. However, there has been talk of either removing or drastically reducing combat related skill events.
  10. Hello everyone, Tonight's patch is mainly changes to server events accompanied by a small list of fixes. This update will also fix the issue with Sands of Avarice and so it will be re-enabled New server events have been added Wintertodt point event: all points gained while the event is active are multiplied Zalcano roll event: zalcano will have an extra supply drop on death for all participants Nightmare damage event: all damage dealt to the Nightmare and the pillars are multiplied Randomized server events now have a weight system. The weights may be altered, but for now they are as follows XP Multiplier (Combat skill): 15.38% XP Multiplier (Non-combat skill): 15.38% Pest Control: 15.38% Zalcano: 10.26% Wintertodt: 10.26% Nightmare: 10.26% Chambers of Xeric: 7.69% Theatre of Blood: 7.69% Sands of Avarice: 7.69% Removed 1.5x Skill XP multiplier events - all Skill XP events are now 2x Increased chance (made more common) to receive bond when voting to 1/100 Removed Shadow sword being required at Zamorak fortress stash unit Adjusted General Steelwill's instance spawn position Fixed Guthan warspear attack animations Fixed Sands of Avarice bug that caused us to disable it Fixed Elder warhammer still not being able to construct storage units (was a typo where Elder maul was usable instead)
  11. Hello everyone, As a good bye to Summer, we will have a +25% credit + donator rank bonus on all bonds. When will the promotion start? Right now, as of posting this thread When will the promotion end? The promotion will end on August 27th (two weeks)
  12. Hi Tom, I can't send a dm yet since I haven't been active on forums I assume? I'll be online for another hour or so, thanks 🙂


  13. Hi Tom, just referring to the rollback how can i get my progress back? 

    1. Ralts


      hey @N S W, be sure to make a post in the following section of the forums: https://forum.oldschoolrsps.com/index.php?/forum/22-general-support/

  14. Hello everyone, Some much needed QoL and bug fixes for tonight's patch! Sands of Avarice Heka room Fixed red barriers not despawning on completion Fixed minimap overlays Sibuna room Room map has been reworked Pillars are now smaller and will deactivate when 'killed' instead of collapse Tank and healer scarabs now come out of the same entrance in the wall Reward room Walls have been added Rope has been added to exit the raid Chambers of Xeric Added reward light colour RuneLite plugin To allow this plugin to work, we had to add the "Special loot" messages that inform the party who received a unique, and what they received. However, these messages can be hidden by turning your "Game" chat to "Filtered" (plugin will still work as intended) You now receive a message in the end of your raid with the amount of total runs you've completed Ancestral kit, pet, etc now count as uniques and will make your reward light purple by default (unless changed in the new plugin) Similar to TOB & SOA, the highest completion count in the party will have their count broadcasted every 10th run (completing 10, 20, 30, etc) Fixed bug where the reward chest light would sometimes not appear Decreased delay in between filling empty gourds with water from 2 ticks to 1 tick Corrected the message you receive when trying to leave the Tightrope room without the key Can now build Storage units with an Elder warhammer Added/corrected sounds for the following weapons Zamorakian spear Zamorakian hasta Guthan warspear Dragon hunter lance Abyssal bludgeon The Mimic Do not allow entry to the Mimic once it has been defeated Provide instruction message on how to claim reward upon killing the Mimic Reward rolls on the reward casket will depend on the amount of tries it took to kill the Mimic Vote passive count requirements have been modified Extra vote book bonus XP minutes 5 votes = +1 minute 50 votes = +5 minutes 300 votes = +10 minutes 400 votes = +15 minutes Extra vote points 25 votes = +10% points 100 votes = +20% points 350 votes = +30% points 150 votes: +5% chance increase of npc dropping slayer helm recolour ingredients 250 votes: +1 vote book upon claiming vote 450 votes: 10% discount on items in vote store 500 votes: +5% chance increase of finding pet Dragon metal pieces can now be smithed into Dragon bolts by using them on an anvil with 85 smithing Graceful armour now provides bonus XP while training Agility Moved the XP Rate information text placement in HCI death broadcasts Announce HCI deaths that occur within the Theatre of Blood Allow DHCB damage bonus to stack with Slayer helm damage bonus Chaos gauntlets can now be purchased from the Magic store and will provide +3 max damage when using magic bolt spells Fixed Khopesh's "Hack" attack style counting as crush, while "Smash" counted as slash (now swapped) Fixed oversight where combat sounds played as sound areas instead of personal sounds Ring piece drops from Alchemical hydra now have two rolls at a 1/266 chance each Sawmill operator has been added to the Woodcutting guild Added the ability to wear and teleport with the Necklace of passage Added commands to view how many players are doing the following activities: Wintertodt - ;;wt Zalcano - ;;zalcano Nightmare - ;;nightmare Spellbook swap will now automatically swap your spellbook back to lunars after 2 minutes Removed the ability to note loaded Magma blowpipes Fixed the dialogue animation for pet beaver Fixed wrong Crystal axe animation when woodcutting Fixed not being able to craft gold bracelets Fixed Basilisk knight's mage attack not having proper clipping check (would be able to attack through walls it shouldn't be able to) Fixed the stiff Trader stan in Port Sarim Opening skill guides will now stop any movement (i.e if you're following someone) There are now play time requirements when claiming gifts within the Stronghold of Security There is now some information about XP Rate benefits when creating an account Donator zone altar will now give cool down time left in the minutes:seconds format instead of just minutes
  15. Hello everyone, There was a suggestion to do weekly bond giveaways on the Discord to compensate those who have joined, and I think it's a great idea. Starting from today, we will host a weekly bond giveaway on the Discord #giveaways channel. All you have to do is react to the message with the specified emoji. There are no requirements in order to participate! The bond amount can vary week to week

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