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  1. Sucks to see Mut go as moderator. Really friendly and helpfull dude .
  2. Very nice update ! Great work Tom.
  3. Dylan

    Scuffed Inferno guide

    Great guide gimp thanks alot for that!
  4. Dylan

    Fishing Guide

    Gonna show u my guide for 1-99 fishing. To start off u can buy supplies from 'horvik' north inside the house at home. NOTE: To fish karambwans u gotta buy fish supplies at the general store at home! Trade the Shop Keeper. With the fishing option in the runelite settings u can see the fishing spots marked or not: U can also change the overlay color if u would like: Ok so to start off this method is the method for having alot food (not for the fast xp). Go to the teleporter: Then take the teleport option 'Skilling' : After 'Fishing' : Now u see all the fishing places. Lets see what are the best 1-99 ways with good food. 1-20 Shrimps : This is just a small one the start off with. 20-40 Fly fishing: 40-62 Lobsters: 62-76 Monkfish: 76-82 Sharks: 82-99 Anglerfish: This is a good way for food till 99 fishing. U can also fish these if u want : Karambwans : *Requires 65 fishing. Fast xp method: Get 1-20 first with shrimps. After u can fly fish from lvl 20 to 48. At 48 u can start doing barbarian fishing: Barb fishing is a really fast and good xp method. There are 3 different fishes there at a level and gives more xp ea ofcourse. 48 Fishing : Leaping Trout 58 Fishing : Leaping salmon 70 Fishing : Leaping sturgeon After achieving 99 fishing (congratz btw) u can buy the skillcape from the skillcape seller located at home north inside the house. Hope yall like this guide, did my best for it. Goodluck on grinding !
  5. Nice work Tom Really liking this server damn !

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